United States Has Become Preoccupied Essay

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But, America is making its best effort to educate common people as they should understand the laws and regulations to follow and to elect the right person as their representatives (Kurth, 2009).

Military development:

The innovation in military is changing the way of war of America. As American economy is re-creating itself, the America's military has also started taking advantage of the technology. In 20th century, there was no other power to match America's military power.

United States consider the military power as an essential element of its national strategy and it is viewing military as a key to achieve the objectives in globe. United States military instruments serve several crucial purposes such as to facilitate the Beijing's integration into cooperative security oriented processes and behaviors that are compatible with overall American interests. America's military assures its Asian allies and partners that it has the capability and will to protect and advance its economic, political and security commitments and interests. It can deter Beijing from using coercive military force to shape and resolve specific disputes with neighboring territories and states such as Taiwan. U.S. military instruments complement and support other social, economical, political and diplomatic instruments of U.S. policy in these areas and hence strike the optimal balance between cooperative deterrence and engagement by increased military assistance to Taiwan.

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Some of the capabilities of military in the field of cyber warfare are enhanced surveillance and long-range precision strikes, that are presumably supportive of a larger Pentagon effort to develop a so called air-sea battle concept designed to deter or defeat adversaries equipped with sophisticated anti-access and area denial capabilities. United States has systematically and steadily enhanced its overall military capabilities and influence in the Asia-Pacific region (Swaine, 2011).

Culture of the United States:

Essay on United States Has Become Preoccupied Assignment

The culture of the America is the western culture and it is originally influenced by the European cultures. It is developing its own unique cultural and social characteristics such as cuisine, folklore, music, arts, social habits and dialect. Today America is racially and ethnically diverse countries as lot of immigrants are coming from different parts of the world. American culture includes both liberal and conservative elements, scientific and military competitiveness, moral and materialist elements, risk taking and free expression and political structures. American culture is a variety of expressions due to its demographic and geographical diversity along with the ideological principles such as egalitarianism, individualism, faith in freedom and democracy. Some of the researchers say that American culture is a mythic identity as it is flexible and highly symbolic in nature and it can be called as American exceptionalism.

The factors/pillars that influence America's global power:

Citizens are the main pillars of United States of America as they are responsible to understand and support the government in electing the right person, pay taxes on time and perform military service and abide by the rules and regulations of the government.

Policy makers are one of the important pillars of U.S. As they form effective and efficient economic development policies that are necessary for the growth of the economy. World Trade Center (WTO) was the major facilitator for globalization along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank which encouraged the economic growth of the United States as a global power.

The President, Judiciary system and Congress are the political pillars of the United States as they take all the responsibility of the government and form laws and regulations which affect the country's growth in all aspects.

Innovation is the technological pillar of the United States. Though it is enjoying the technological superiority in the field of computers, aerospace and telecommunications, it has to make constant innovations in all the fields to sustain and grow in the world market.

Military is one of the important organs of the country. In United States, military system is taking the advantage of technology in improving its methods and equipments which they use to change the way of war.

Culture of the United States is diverse in nature. It influence the American global power a lot as it encourages qualified immigrants from all over the world who indirectly help the America's growth.

Will the U.S. face effective challenges to its supremacy over the next couple of decades?

Yes. The United States faces the challenges to its supremacy from all parts of the world over the next couple of decades. Though United States has many resources that other countries lack, there are other factors that America has to concentrate on to grow in the world market.

Citizens of United States must be educated and capable of selecting the right person as their representatives, if not, they might have to face the consequences of decisions and laws made by the wrong person and in return it might affect the global power.

Japan has always been the rival for America as Japanese are intelligent and hard workers and can achieve technological superiority easily as they are hi tech and futuristic than other countries. So, America should concentrate on producing quality workers and training them to be more competitive so that they can be more productive in innovating things much before any other countries do.

The China easily adopts, implement and make changes in their policies and practices which are necessary to remove the trade barriers for the growth of the economy. America should form such policies which help to encourage the exchange of goods and services freely with other countries as that will help to build and maintain the harmonious relationship with them.

The inventions are quicker in Germany which may pose the threat to American development in the future. So it has to take all necessary steps to stand ahead of other countries in inventions.

The selection of qualified immigrants from different parts of the world is a biggest challenge for the United States. It may cause a severe problem, if it allows people who are can pose a threat for the growth of the economy.

Like America many of the other countries are also taking advantage of the technology, products, processes, supply methods and trying hard to make their presence in the world market. America has to constantly develop and make changes in its strategies that should make America a unique destination for products, technology and processes.

United States is one of the World's most ethnically diverse and a multicultural nation. U.S. economy is the world's largest national economy with an estimated GDP of $14.799 trillion in 2010 and it has lot of resources that can use to stabilize in the world market.


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