Essay: United States Development

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¶ … United States depended in several geographic factors. Population growth and economic development were among the two most significant factors that contributed to the development and expansion of the United States. The original thirteen colonies were not homogenous in terms of there being representations of Dutch, English, Protestant, and Catholic settlers. After independence and especially after the War of 1812, a collective American identity enabled greater cultural cohesion in the New World. Therefore, population expansion and economic development -- both fostered by Industrialization -- encouraged the development and expansion of the United States.

Population growth in the nineteenth century was fostered by the migration of increasing numbers of people from Europe. Motivations for migration included the Irish potato famine in the 1840s ("Migrations of America" 2010). New opportunities for economic development also prompted the migration of people to and within the New World ("Migrations of America" 2010). Population growth in America was also linked to the increasing opportunities for agricultural and industrial development throughout the United States.

In fact, agricultural and industrial development throughout the United States was also a core reason for development and expansion. Urbanization forced changes in population and migration as increasing numbers of immigrants moved to urban centers. As the need for more agricultural land grew to support the greater number of people, migrations to the Western territories became the nineteenth century trend ("Migrations of America" 2010). Finally, the discovery of gold in the West fostered the notion of Manifest Destiny. Economic opportunities in California promoted the development and expansion of the United States ("Migrations of America" 2010).

Economic incentives, often in the form of natural resource discovery or technological development, is the most significant geographical factor contributing to the diffusion of culture. European societies sought trade routes in order to expand their economies. Economic incentives permitted subsequent diffusions of culture.… [END OF PREVIEW]

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