United States Government Is a Republic Term Paper

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United States Government is a Republic, formed on democratic principles. This means that the United States operates under a system of democracy that is "for the people, by the people." Citizens of the United States are participants in their democracy by way of the electoral processes that allow them to elect members to the House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and the president and his vice president. The president's term is limited to two four-year terms, to ensure that no elected official ever has such a taste of power for the office of the President of the United States - an office that has come to represent one of the most powerful people not just in the United States, but in the world; such that he, or she, might succumb to the forces of evil and attempt to hold that office forever as a dictator or absolute ruler. At the same time, those officials elected to the House of Representatives and to the United States Senate can serve for unlimited lengths of time, so long as they are elected by their constituents in the states they represent.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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There are branches to the United States Government; the Executive Branch, which serves as the law enforcement branch, having under its auspices the United States military forces. It is comprised of the office of the president, vice president and his staff at the White House. The Legislative Branch, which is the law making branch of the government comprised of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate; and the Judicial Branch, which is inclusive of the court systems throughout the country, culminating in the final authority of the Supreme Court for those cases for which appeals have been successfully perfected to that level of decision. The judicial branch is the final decision in the legislative and enforcement processes begun under the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Government. The Supreme Court has the final authority in reviewing and striking down legislation that stands in conflict with the rights enumerated under the Constitution of the United States. Justice are appointed to the Supreme Court by the President, although they must… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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