United Technologies Research Paper

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Innovative Management From United Technologies

United Technologies

Due to intensified competition and the expansive market share, firms are exploring new strategies and approaches with a view to remain productive and increase their profits. This has led to evolvement of innovation approaches by companies which broadly focus on technology, process, product and management. Management innovation entails the implementation of new management practices, innovative ways of executing activities that leads to effective management and shift from conventional management skills Tyagi, 2000.

Innovative management strategies are a major key component to companies in relation to growth in profit, revenues, market share, employees' management and competitive advantage. This is can be further supported by various studies that have shown deemed innovation management as a perquisite for enhancing value of companies Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2010.

The purpose of this paper is to examine innovative management in United Technologies with much emphasis on key management skills and other practices and application that are used in the company.

Discussion and Analysis of Innovative Management from United Technologies Corporation

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United Technologies is a firm that deals with the provision of a wide range of products and services. The company provides high level technology products and services that are used globally in aerospace and building system industries. Examples of its products include carrier heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, elevators and escalators, aerospace engines, helicopters, fire and security systems among others. The firm also boasts of a central research organization that deals with technologies for the enhancement of performance, energy efficiency and cost of its products and processes United Technologies Corparation Annual Report: Big goals, Big results, 2011.

TOPIC: Research Paper on United Technologies Assignment

United Technologies has employed various innovative management approaches that have enable it to increase its profits, meet their financial goals, expand their market share and above all. Provide high technology products and services across the world. The following are the core innovative management strategies that United Technologies has used Afuah, 2003()

Organization Structure

United Technologies Company has various commercial business units that are involvement in the development, generation and distribution of various products and services. The existence of the commercial business units is a good innovative management strategy since these units are involved in the provision of various product and service categories that in turn contributes to the overall growth of the company. The key commercial business units under United Technologies Corporation include carrier, Otis, UTC fire and security, Hamilton Sundstrand, Pratt and Whitney and Sirkorsky Thomas, LoVuolo, & Hillson, 2006.

Carrier business unit is involved in the provision of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, Otis is mandated with design, manufacture, installation, service and upgrading of elevators, escalators and moving walkways in buildings while UTC fire and security on the other hand provides fire detection, alarm and suppression systems. Other three commercial business units namely Hamilton Sundstrand, Pratt and Whitney and Sirkorsky provide aerospace and electronic power generation and distributions systems United Technologies Corparation Annual Report: Big goals, Big results, 2011.

The overall leadership structure of United Technologies Company lies with the Board of Directors who have extensive knowledge on various issues ranging from telecommunication, manufacturing, distribution and environmental sustainability. The commercial business units are headed by presidents who are charged with decision making and operations of the components. The organizational structure of United Technologies has ensured that the firm carries out its innovation management approaches by specifying the firms reporting relationships, procedures, control, authority and decision making processes Hitt, et al., 2010()

Decision Making

Innovative management at United Technologies revolves majorly on the formulation of strategic plans and decision and making of choices. This is particularly evident in the allocation and committing of resources to various enterprises within the company. Decision making has been a crucial and integral component in United Technologies more so in product extension, launching of new products and improvement of technologies.

Commercial business units within the company usually make choices on various options and decision with a view to steer the company on progress path. For instance, Carrier which is one of the commercial business units has in executed various restructuring decisions so as increase its growth prospects. This has involved engagement in joint-venture approaches, sale or closure of more than thirty businesses and investment in leaner production United Technologies Corparation Annual Report: Big goals, Big results, 2011.

Key decision making process often occurs at various commercial business units where the presidents and everyone are set out innovation goals for the company.


Innovation in companies requires the involvement of people so as to instill a culture of innovation and commitment to the process and hence the need for effective communication between leaders, teams and other employees. United Technologies has developed an innovative management mandate that encompasses innovation at the firm, its goals and objectives and how to achieve it United Technologies Corparation Annual Report: Big goals, Big results, 2011.

The innovative management mandate is clearly communicated to everyone in the organization and it further articulates and tailors employee behaviors to overall United Technologies business strategy. United Technologies has identified the potential role of communication in achieving its innovative management goals by engaging the relevant stakeholders in the system. The company has identified behaviors and communicated such behaviors to employees. This approach has fostered creativity and engagement among employees and has since led to the development and provision of high technology products and services that is backed by an efficient communicating strategy.

It is clear from the preceding paragraphs that innovative management plan in United Technologies involves strategic management and decision making. Taking cognizant of the above fact, the firm relies heavily on communication so as to instill commitment and to direct everyone to the set out long-term company goals. In addition to the instilling commitment and engagement among employees, effective and efficient communication used by United Technologies has enabled the firm to develop and manage relationships with an array of organizations, groups and have people that have interests and stake in the firm. For instance, the firm has developed a customer response center for its aerospace customers Ko, 2009.

This customer response center offers aftermarket services to its aerospace customers and it is tailored to meet the needs of customers and improvements of service. The goal of this customer response center from United Technologies is to respond immediately to the needs of aerospace customers and to address any technical issues and aircrafts spare-part orders in timely and expeditious manner United Technologies Corparation Annual Report: Big goals, Big results, 2011()

International Business

Domestic growth for companies including United Technologies has reduced in the past decades and this has necessitated them to seek investments in other foreign countries. The challenge is further compounded by influx of foreign rival companies that are keen to develop and expand their operations beyond home markets Hill & Jones, 2010.

United Technologies has reinvented itself due to its engagement in international business, a factor that has led to the current increase in its revenue and market share. Through innovation management, United Technologies has ventured in emerging markets by expanding the mandate and presence of its commercial business units in overseas markets.

Involvement of United Technologies in international business has led to productivity improvement and diversification of its ventures. For instance, the company currently partners with other firms in emerging markets such as Brazil, China, Japan, India and Spain. The joint venture between the company and a Japanese quality consultant company, Yuzuru Ito has been a major source of profit increase for the company over the last ten years Hill & Jones, 2010.

Franchising has also enabled the firm to implement its manufacturing and distribution strategies thereby expanding its market share in the global market.

Strategic Management

In most firms, strategic management entails assessment of the prevailing business environment, strategy formulation, strategy implementation and evaluation and control. United Technologies has employed strategic management to assess both the external business environment for opportunities and threats and its internal environment for strengths and weaknesses Tyagi, 2000.

The firm has developed strategic decisions that are geared towards the achievement of financial goals and extending the market share. United Technologies has successfully grown and prospered through careful and well-calculated execution of its strategic management process. Indeed, this approach has enabled United Technologies to outperform their various counterparts from the sector in terms of product and service provision.

Strategic management by United Technologies is evident in the joint venture initiatives and outsourcing. This process has led to the continued innovation management at the company. Through the assessment of its external environment for opportunities and threats, United Technologies has engaged in various joint-venture initiatives with other firms in fast growing markets. For instance, the company recently signed a joint-venture agreement with Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) in India for assembly operations for Sirkorsky helicopters and their Hyderabad facility located United Technologies Corparation Annual Report: Big goals, Big results, 2011.

The company has also been involved in strategic sourcing strategies and agreements with other various companies in emerging markets such as Brazil, China and Spain. The company… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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