Universal and Development Self-Requisites Term Paper

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However, the younger patients found the subcutaneous infusions more uncomfortable and were less determined to continue with the therapy as compared with the older individuals.

In this case, the universal self-care requisite is the maintenance of patients' human function and well being through the proper self-administration of medicine. The responsibility for self-infusions at home is accepted by the patients, leading to an increased independence from the health care personnel and to a feeling of flexibility and freedom. The developmental self-care requisite that needs to be addressed by nursing staff is the discomfort experienced by younger patients. According to Orem, the nurse has five general ways of assisting a self-care-deficient patient acting for him or her, teaching, guiding, supporting and providing a developmental environment. As these patients have a chronic disease and are in need of lifelong treatment, it is important to discuss the development of structure education and training programs in which special emphasis is placed on the support of the younger patients.


Orem's model of self-care is especially useful for nursing care practice involving chronic condition. Oftentimes, the control of chronic conditions is dependent upon the self-care regimen of the patient. However, patients, who experience discomfort during their self-care regimen, are often in danger of not performing their self-care regimen, resulting in the worsening of the condition and need for hospitalization. Patient education and training in a supportive nursing environment will improve patient self-care compliance


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Universal and Development Self-Requisites in Assignment

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