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¶ … University of Phoenix resource tools and the rEsource platform provide more than just an online library. The regularly updated resource center includes the valuable Center for Writing Excellence. I have explored all the areas of the Center for Writing Excellence and have also browsed the library. Of the rEsource tools I have found that the e-book collection offers me immediate access to reference material used in class and is therefore the rEsource tool I will use the most. However, the Learning Team Toolkit will be the most unique tool, which I will rely on because of the many group learning opportunities I will have as a student. The Toolkit Essentials contain several ways to make teamwork more efficient and effective, allowing me and my teammates to communicate and complete our projects on time.

The Center for Writing Excellence contains the tools I will find most valuable as a student in general. The plagiarism checker is not just about catching students who cheat. I find it to be the best tool available to me for making sure my citations are done properly. Write Point is a far more sophisticated grammar checker than the one that comes with my word processing program.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on University of Phoenix Resource Tools and the Assignment

2b. Interpersonal communications skills, learning aptitude and desire to grow, collaboration and teamwork, and creative problem solving are four of the most important features to have as a member of a firm. Employers look for interpersonal communications skills because no firm can function effectively when employees do not communicate or when miscommunication causes low productivity. The desire to learn and grow mean that each employee becomes willing to learn from his or her mistakes and is also willing to change to better serve the goals of the firm. Collaboration and teamwork allow the firm as a whole to function effectively because each project contributes to the goals of the organization. Finally, problem-solving skills require creative thinking. My greatest strength, creative thinking helps me reach solutions to problems without falling into redundant patterns. Effective interpersonal communications skills, the willingness and desire to learn, the ability to work well in team environments, and the ability to solve problems creatively are all essential… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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