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University of Phoenix Overview

Business Concept

The University of Phoenix is an integral part of the Apollo Group, which also includes the College for Financial Planning Institutes Corporation, Western International University, and Institute for Professional Development. The University of Phoenix University runs over 90 learning centers throughout the United States, and also has the University of Phoenix Online. Apollo Group has decided to define University of Phoenix Online as a separate division for accounting purposes, and to make the division more adept at responding to the quickly changing environment of online learning.

The business concept behind online learning stresses convenience and quality of learning on a 24/7 basis for students who have full-time jobs and many other responsibilities. Distance learning over the Internet is the most rapidly growing area of instruction, and University of Phoenix has been able to capitalize on this trend by offering many degree programs entirely online. What's also critical to the business model of the school is the ability to work with the many educational reimbursement programs companies have for their employees. The relationship University of Phoenix has with the U.S. Department of Defense also provides a consistent source of revenue.

Current situation

Today the University of Phoenix faces several significant factors in the marketplace that need to be harnessed for their advantage. These key factors include the following:

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Low Unemployment Rate - This is actually a double-edged sword because when there is a low unemployment rate the time to get courses in to anyone's schedule is difficult, yet when unemployment is high there is high demand for classes yet students lack funding. This is one of the major challenges for University of Phoenix' growth. Having strategies in place for both upturns and downturns in the unemployment rate are critical.

Term Paper on University of Phoenix Assignment

Accreditation standards shift higher - This is happening for many universities today as the presumption that just because a student has been admitted to Harvard, Stanford or an Ivy league school their performance will consistently be above other state schools. Accreditation audits have actually shown this has "softened" the quality of Ivy league educations and as a result there is a push to bring up the standards across all colleges and universities for continued accreditation. Correspondingly, the University of Phoenix has the advantage of accreditation to operate as a global campus, online.

Consolidation of schools and higher competition - As Apollo Group, the founders of the University of Phoenix are acquiring schools and small trade schools, there… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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