Research Paper: Unmanned Aircraft

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Unmanned aircraft are now becoming a more prominent part of military and surveillance activity. They are very useful primarily due to the fact that they do not required extensive human interaction within the aircraft. Instead, humans operate the craft from afar to protect life while being productive. This decrease is overall human exposure makes UAV systems attractive from an operational standpoint. However, there are some negative aspects to using unmanned aircraft. These negative aspects include fatigue, boredom, mechanical failures and so forth (Levinson, 2013).

To begin, operator fatigue is human factor that effect the operations of UAVs. For one, operators may be required to guide aircrafts for long stents. These long hours often require the operator be focused and aware of the surroundings affecting the vehicle. Fatigue often causes unintended mistakes on the part of the operator. These mistakes could include operating the vehicle in a reckless manner or not being aware of possible enemy activity around the vehicle. The vehicle is only as good as the individual in operation. As such, the positive aspects of a UAV will be rendered void if the operator is fatigued and unable to take advantage of beneficial technology (Azoulai, 2011).

In addition, boredom can also effect the operations of UAVs. This concept is also pertinent to the operator of the vehicle. Boredom is some instances, is a more profound negative influence on UAV operation than fatigue. Boredom often causes reckless disregard for certain aspects of the operation. An individual that is bored often engages in other tasks unrelated to the operation of the UAV. This may include operating a cell phone, engaging in conversation, or simple ignoring the operation of the UAV. This boredom attribute can be particular costly as the individual may be unable to complete the military or surveillance objective. In many instances, the use of UAV results in many hours of uneventful occurrences. These instances may include long hours of simply navigating unattractive terrain in pursuit of evidence. In other… [END OF PREVIEW]

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