Unruly Americans in Woody Holton Book Review

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Making the Revolution seem like someone like me had a personal stake in either the success or failure of the American Revolutionary War. This is the functioning thesis I believe of Holton's book, that every future American had a part in the Revolution and in the formulation of the United States of America. Yet, at the same time the Founding Fathers did not believe that the average man should have a say in the governing of the country which is what required the formulation of the federal, central government.

Upon reflection, the comparison of the necessity of the common man in the American Revolution and then the resentment of the same person after the war is over is something of a dichotomy. The average person was needed to fight the war but the Founding Fathers still did not believe that the common person was capable of helping with the governing of that nation. The Articles of Confederation were the first attempt at trying to find a system of governance that would fit the new country. This failed and then came the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. There is considerable question about why the Articles of Confederation failed and most of the reasoning for this has to do with the fact that the articles were unenforceable. Given that the introduction to the book discusses the game scenario, it is then confusing that he does not explain this enough later on in the text.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Book Review on Unruly Americans in Woody Holton's Assignment

The thing that I did not appreciate in Unruly Americans is that although the point is solid and the pace relatively quick, I could not help but notice that Woody Holton tends to repeat himself and reiterates many of the same points again and again. I assume that he does this to make the reader knowledgeable of the important points in American, lest they be forgotten from chapter to chapter. Although this is helpful in creating context for certain events, it is highly frustrating and serves to undermine the previously established relationship between author and reader. I also felt that Holton takes too much time discussing the economic situation of 1780s America without really explaining its significance in the same way that he expands on individual choice and the common man. It is hard to conceptualize 18th century banking in the present economic circumstances and more concrete definitions may have alleviated the confusion that I felt during this portion of the book.

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