Urban and Redevelopment Planning a Comparative Study of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Term Paper

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¶ … United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi and Dubai

A Comparative Study: Emirates of Abu Dhabi

It has often been recalled throughout history that it is said that the Phoenix will rise from the ashes if the saying has only predicted the Phoenix rising from the sands of the Desert then surely it would be proclaimed that the Phoenix was indeed the nation of the Arab Emirates. Dubai was a small fishing village in the 18th century and home to the Bani Yaw tribe however, history places civilization in this area during the first millennium BC. The museum in Dubai contains a collection that was excavated from Al-Quasais and another excavation yielded a caravan station that was from the sixth century AD in the expatriate suburb of Jumairah. The largest part of the Dubai emirate is comprised of sand dunes which were the home to nomadic Bedouin until about fifteen or twenty years ago. The nomadic individuals roamed throughout the area grazing their herds and flocks until they settled in villages in the fertile regions of valleys which are few in number. The desert borders the foothills of the Hajar Mountains toward the east which are said to have an arid climate.

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Just twenty years ago Dubai was a small trading port. The nineteenth century witnessed growth in the village when the Bani Yas tribe, in the number of around 800 individuals settled in Dubai. By the first of the 20th century Dubai had begun to witness settlers coming from Baluchistan, Iran and India due to the fact that Dubai contained 350 shops and was gaining in prosperity by this time. Dubai was said to be a "natural haven" (History of Dubai Online) for those who left Lingah, on the Persian coast. The Indian population that had made Dubai their home were active merchants and the village gained a "cosmopolitan atmosphere as well as an air of tolerance" and this began to draw more foreigners to the region. During the 1930's approximately one-fourth of the population were not native citizens or the amount of 20,000 member of the population plus, 2,000 Persians and 1,000 Baluchis.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Urban and Redevelopment Planning a Comparative Study of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai Assignment

The British established a political agency in Dubai during the year of 1954. The town of Dubai is know for its' oil production however, prosperity began before the oil production in Dubai because of the lucrative trade in the region. The pearling industry began to die out in the 1930's and 1940's influenced by the competition of Japanese cultured pearl operations however, the mercantile businesses increased in the region due to trade with India and Persia following the 1939-45 war. There is only one town in Dubai that has any great import in substantiality in the region. The area of the emirate of Dubai is a 3,900 square kilometer area with an estimated 1990 population totaling 889,518. The description of the area is that of being "mainly desert, with sand dunes ranging from near white coast along the coast to a deep orange inland near the mountains, and in places dotted with a scrub of desert bushes and even some large trees." (History of Dubai Online)

The largest development outside of Dubai is Jebel Ali which runs some 20 kilometers along the southwest coastline. Jebel Ali is an industrial complex in which the government has built a harbor, said to be the largest man-made harbor in the world. There is a gas separation plant as well as an aluminum smelter plant and approximately 300 residential dwellings in the village of Jebel Ali.


The changing economic climate has affected different impacts on the process of urban development in the United Arab Emirates cities. The objective of this paper is to research and assess urban development options through a case study of urban projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi such as Palm Island in Dubai and Lulua Island in Abu Dhabi. The conceptual framework will be the regulation theory.

Findings of Importance:

The findings of importance in this study are that there has been drastic expansion taking place in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and that this expansion has been accredited to wise business acumen in the area of investing oil profits in developing the country focused toward tourism, industry and recreation.


Due to limitations of time the method of research will be limited to a review of available literature in relation to the above stated objective.

Abu Dhabi is located in the Arabian Gulf and is the largest of all the seven emirates. Abu Dhabi covers an area of 87430 square kilometers which is equal to 86.7% of the entire country not counting the island areas and is composed of three different regions. The first region is the city of. Abu Dhabi is the Emirate Capital with a population of 942463. Abu Dhabi is the headquarters for the president of the Emirate, the Cabinet, the majority of the ministries, federal institutions, foreign embassies, broadcasting stations, television stations, Zayed Port, Abu Dhabi Airport, the majority of the oil companies in the region as well as other establishments of business and markets.

The second region of Abu Dhabi is the region in the eastern portion of the overall region. The capital of this region is Al Ain city which is very fertile demonstrated by the richness of greenery, farms and public parks. Water is plentiful in this region in terms of ground water and artesian wells. Local landmarks are the Ain Al Fayda parks, Hafit Mountain, Heili leisure land, the Zoo and Al Ain Museum as well as the UAE University and Al Ain Airport.

The third region in Abu Dhabi is the Western Region. The capital city in this region is Zayed City which is the location of dense forest areas that cover an area that has approximately 20 million green trees.

Within this region are on-shore oil fields as well as the largest oil refinery in the country which is at Al Ruwais City. Inclusive in the region of Abu Dhabi are several Islands which are Das Island (the most important of the islands), Mubraz Island, Zirky Island, and Arzana Island. These islands are those comprising the main oil fields offshore. There are other islands which are Delma, Al Sadiyat and Abu El Abyaadh. One of the best health resorts is located at the foot of Jebel Hafit Mountain which has a hot mineral spring underneath with healing properties. Other attractions in the region are the Hili Gardens which is the site of ancient tombs, the Al Ain Museum, the Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium as well as the Qattarah Oasis which is a wooded area rich with history on the edge of Al Ain.

Today Abu Dhabi is a center for transportation and communication as well as for finance and is also a region which produces petroleum as well as the site of a deepwater harbor and international airport. The regions products include cement and steel pipe and the main thoroughfare through the region is a 7-kilometer or four mile long "Cornisch" or road which is a landscaped boulevard on the seafront. Abu Dhabi is inclusive of a research institute and such modernity's as a large sports center. The city of Abu Dhabi sits on the edge of sparkling salt water and is a beautiful to the eye.

Literature Review:

According to a written work the UAE was a country in development which was a poor country as well prior to the decade of the 1960's however two important events took place during the decade of the 1970's that change all of that. Accordingly, the recently departed and dearly loved, H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahan, UAE's president met with other ruling individuals in the region and founded the United Arab Emirates in the place of striking many deep reservoirs of oil. The UAE's Leadership held an envisioned a spectacular futuristic country and thus propelled the primitively settled area into the future which has culminated into a civilized, developed area which draws tourists, provides education, healthcare and other such services in an excellent manner. Development is ongoing and a large part of that is due to practical investment in the development of the country.

Located in the country is the UAE Air Force Space Reconnaissance as well as the National Ground Station which was first established in the year 2000 with reception of the satellites "IKONOS, IRS, KOMPSAT imagery"

as well as with all data reception, processing analysis and production controlling nationals. The development in this area has been expedient in all areas of the lives in the region due to wise leaders who have steadily and repetitively launched plans with efforts that have benefited the people in the region both for the present and future. The president of Abu Dhabi has been president since 1971 and rules in conjunction with the other area rulers that form the Federation of the Seven Emirates forming the United Arab Emirates which propelled the development in the regions which has… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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