U.S. Agricultural Policy Agriculture Research Paper

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Despite of supporting prices to deal with excess labor at that time, I think it was more appropriate for the American government to smoothen their relocation out of the agricultural sector (Antle, 1988).

Farmers' incomes are dominated by the income not obtained from the farm. Price support programs are insufficient to get a solution for the farm problems. It is also not necessary that formulation of commodity price policies would help in the stabilization of farm incomes (Antle, 1988). The United States possesses an incredible natural endowment of soil and climate. However, the agricultural policy of the government has failed to take advantage of such an extraordinary natural gift. Instead, it has aided in the warping of production decisions (Antle, 1988).

I believe that United States needs to change its agricultural policy in order to progress. The agricultural policy should be supple and firm. It should be formulated for a certain time period. Also, it must be made sure that it does not disagree with ever-changing market conditions. Thus, it is necessary for protection of today's farmers that U.S. government deviates from its present agricultural policy (Antle, 1988).


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Research Paper on U.S. Agricultural Policy Agriculture and Assignment

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