U.S. Army Eo Program Equality Essay

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Inappropriate commentary based upon one's sexuality can be a lot less explicit, and unintended, than remarks based upon one's race. However, there are fairly strict definitions and codes regarding remarks of a sexual nature that the armed forces is unwilling to tolerate. Such statements may be extremely casual, such as the referring to a female employee by a colloquial term such as "babe." Despite the actual intention of such a comment, which may actually be quite innocent, there is little tolerance from this sort of behavior, or any other, that the receiving party may deem as offensive, as the following quotation explicitly states.

Soldiers and civilians must understand that what they may consider to be joking or horseplay must be evaluated on its appropriateness and offensiveness as perceived by the recipient… In determining whether such behavior constitutes sexual harassment, a primary concern is the impact of the act upon the victim, not the intent of the alleged harasser. An excuse such as, "I was only joking" is irrelevant (No author, 2008, p. 50).

This quotation demonstrates the fact that jokes of this nature, or of those that are based upon sex, race, religion, etc. are "irrelevant" to the work being performed by the armed forces, and are therefore intolerable.

The elimination of such unnecessary comments based upon race or sex will only strengthen the equal opportunity environment that the armed forces have long sought to provide for its employers and their families. Inappropriate remarks or racial jokes have no place in such a setting.

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Essay on U.S. Army Eo Program Equality Assignment

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