U.S. Financial Market Research Paper

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U.S. Financial Market -- Lessons from the Economic Crisis

2007 saw the commencement of a great economic depression. Emerged in the American real estate sector, the financial burdens soon took over rest of the American sectors, as well as most of the global regions. Yet, the good that came out of the crash was the realization of several mistakes which should not be repeated. In this order of ideas, the main recommendations for the players in the financial markets, based on the challenges posed by the current crisis, are as follows:

Reduced access to loan

This does not mean that people's access to funds necessary for development should be constrained, but that better assessments ought to be conducted. This virtually means that banks and other financial institutions should first verify the ability of the credit solicitors to reimburse their principal and the adjacent interest rate. They should require more documentation from the employer of the solicitant and information on any previous credits he might have contracted. While such a measure would increase bureaucracy and would as such trigger customer and employee dissatisfaction, it would also ensure that the sub-prime mortgage situation is not relieved.

2. Better controls

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Probably the crisis had not reached such a severity had better controls been instated. The problem was that the mortgages were purchased by other financial institutions, with the result of an issuance of mortgage backed securities. And the operations which were handled by the brokers on this market were not sufficiently controlled. This translates into a necessity to increase the beneficial powers of the central bank, which, however slow, does have the ability to implement powerful policies (Makin, 2009).

Research Paper on U.S. Financial Market Assignment

The United States, much like all the western countries, has become lost in the chimera of a free, self-regulatory market. While such a desiderate is respectable and worthwhile pursuing, its… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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