U.S. Health Care Reforms Objectives Term Paper

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While an immensely deductible HSA plan may not elicit the best for every American because of income constraints, this will decrease over-utilization and over-insurance. It will further aid in restoring actuarial and economic principles. Augmented cost sharing coupled with price transparency will aid in providing proper incentives to the providers and those Americans that have insurance. Benefit designs with remittances varying by perceived provider price or quality are necessary. To encourage and foster decreased utilization, it is advisable to utilize payments for bundled services.

Price Controls

For health care reform to be appealing and successful, it is further necessary for the health care systems and the government to work together towards eliminating price controls. Safety nets and programs by the government ought to remit provider rates that are consistent with private consumer markets or the dichotomies should not be substantial. This initiative elicits a considerable reduction of cost shifting. It will further stimulate transparency in the entire field and ultimately enhance the quality of medical and health care in the American dispensation if fully implemented.

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Term Paper on U.S. Health Care Reforms Objectives Assignment

It is pertinent to offer tax equity with consideration to health care financing. Tax equity is achievable via individual tax credits that would change with various risk classifications, such as health matters, age and income to some considerable extent. The American health care system practitioners ought to ensure that these tax equity programs are in proper alignment and integration with the safety nets. Overall, tax equity will tremendously aid in decreasing the tally of the uninsured members of the American populace. It is also imperative to implement proper tort reforms. Rules that assume that the loser pays would decrease the quandaries associated with increased medical malpractice costs significantly. The structure in the present America causes health care providers to conduct numerous tests in spite of the associated cost and possible repercussions. Such reforms ought to create transparency required for balancing objectives over time.

Augment Risk Classification

It is necessary to augment risk classification and utilize appropriate pooling levels. Risk classification ought to be high in private, and government affiliations, augmenting participation and levying Americans spend their finances and receive proper care. The pooling may not work properly if Americans can select whether or not to be participants: Immense cost individuals with subsidized coverage bear no incentive to control costs. Low cost Americans funding extra subsidies may not be willing to participate. Pooling created by an assured issue mandated coverage and benefit plans might prove workable in the short-term. Political pressure may result in augmented mandated benefits and restrictions on rates, which in turn augments the level of subsidies causing improper incentives and unnecessary pressure for those that provide the subsidy to leave the pool, possibly even unlawfully.


Implementation of such ideas for health care reform in the American dispensation is necessary and workable. Such implementation of ideas, consistent with the underlying principles and objectives noted above, will elicit a much enhanced cost balance, access to health care and treatment at all times. With such incentives, it is true that the entire American health care system will elicit quality service to its people and enhance longevity in the health of the nation. Because the custodians of the American health care system have allowed quandaries to develop over the years, bringing the system into considerable balance will take substantial time. The sooner a proper strategy is under implementation, the more it is likely to reap substantial returns. Without that, the U.S.A. moves toward a health care system with increased public dissatisfaction. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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