U.S. History Background Report Essay

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U.S. History Background report

The United States history dates back to the era of the voyage made by Christopher Columbus in the year 1492 during the prehistory of the native citizens. The involved aspects in the relative history of the United States considered a common increment following the elapsing of decades. The U.S. has grown prosperously with a rapid and development in the autonomous legal and apolitical systems

Its territory has experienced an expansion westward displacing the Native American populations across the continent. It has grown to become the most influential industrial power following the outburst of progressive entrepreneurship with the inclusion of workforce of the 20th century

. The dissatisfaction with the traditional politics and corruption also stimulated the progressiveness of the U.S. with push for reforms that saw the prohibition of derailing factors and women's suffrage

The Populist Era

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During the populist era in the American politics, there was facilitation through the agrarian that the economic era enabled the growth of the populist's agenda for the reformation in the industry of banking to facilitate the free coinage of silver. As the top advisor close to the U.S. President in 2012, I would recommend that the takes note of seeking more governmental role in the banking system with the generalized operation of communication and nation's railroad systems. The populist era constituting the populist movement characterized with returning the power sense to the working person

. This was with the capability of finding the means of burgeoning sense into the slight that somebody switched was transforming. America forms the democratic roots into a nation of oligarchy with specifications to the elite of the capitalists

TOPIC: Essay on U.S. History Background Report Assignment

The president should consider the wide spread discontent with the consideration of the progress la k in the reformation of the railroad. There should also the consideration that populism was the greatest in the history of development historically. The act of populism also was in accompaniment of the specified strategies aimed towards the major movements with the means of socialization

. The agenda of the populist spread through the application f social events. They unified with unified front against the power encroaching of the railroad other and relative manufacturers. The spark from the growth and progress of the United States during the era of the populist era taken into consideration by the American president is vital. The progress of the populist era poisoned the aspects of the Americans life with the consideration of it as the affair of the middle class constituting both women and men. This was due to their specified interests co-opted by the rich interests.

The era constituted the considerable large corporate interests even though there was pressure of immigrants into the American soils with the aim of securing jobs. The era also had the accompaniment of suspicious ideas of the spread of the socialist aggression. The principal considerable progressives as viewed of the primary goals with the specifications to the paramount goal was the terms of regaining what was viewable as the lapsed power. Majority of the facts of the era supported the movement of the populists with eventual outcomes of becoming the law. This was part of the agenda to enable steered the country to greater heights set by the populist.

The Progressive Era

The events that took place during the progressive era formulate some of the remarkable significant aspects that could help the president steer the country during the 21st century. The generation of Eleanor Roosevelt formed part of the era. During the 20th century of the American history, there was a formation of the strategized training ground for the relative transformation of the democratic government relationship with its people. The best remarkable results of the era are inclusive of the 19th and the 18th amendments with the procedural prohibition of the women sufferings. The era is commonly referable as the period of reforms with the amendments becoming the byproducts of the American immense political and social upheaval. This significantly contributed to the permanent changes with expectations of substantial changes in the role the government played in the society.

This era marked the significant shift of America from the agrarian aspect to the urban society. This enabled the introduction of vital anxiety amongst the majority especially the Yankee since it enabled the introduction of the changes treated as disturbing in the society. The president should learn from this perspective following the changes he is proposing in the government. The county's larger corporations with the representation of materialism and relative greed were in control of the major finances of the country. The era constituted of manipulations from bosses as s result of the political ignorance with desperation of new introductions with advancements in party machineries. In consideration to the social justice and democratic ideals experienced during the era, the progressives became the arbiters of America with the basic ideals of the country's founding fathers finding place figuratively within the changing landscapes.

The application of the specified sense of duty by the president to the society necessitates the involvement of the middle class. This enables the restoration of democracy through the limitations of bigger businesses and curbing of the relative political machines. The president should consider the efforts and contributions of Theodore Roosevelt in power extension within the regulated economy. The president in emulation of these efforts should support labor with the assignment of the president in assigning the government the direct duty and role to the citizens.

The Information Age

This age was commonly referable to as the age of computers or digital era as characterized with the relative shift. This is from the industrially brought traditional industry following the era of industrialization to the information manipulation economy. The onset linking to the era of information includes the digital revolution. The Americans gained the significant knowledge during this era involving transfer of data safely with relatively instant accessibility to the vital information proving to be impossible finding.

The era formulated through the capitalization of the computer micro miniaturization advancements. This involved the transition spinning that the president should consider with public adoption of the technology through the American public. The introduction of the faster evolution of the daily life technology with the inclusion of the education life style during this information age has enabled a rapid networking and communications. This is for shaping the American modern society under the leadership of the president.

Industrial revolution

The industrial revolution took place from 1820 to 1870, and it was essential for the economic growth of the United States. The initial industrial revolution arose in Europe and Great Britain with the second one affecting Germany and the United States the most. This revolution entailed transformation from home and hand manufacture to factory and machinery. The result for the first industrial revolution was the discovery of winning and spinning machines that used the power of water to operate, but later started using steam in place of water. This enhanced the growth of America. The later industrial revolution transformed the economy and society of America into a contemporary urban-industrial state

The war of 1812 and the Embargo Act of 1807 were the primary forces behind America going into Industrial revolution. The British disappointed America when they opened fire and searched their ship in the process kidnapping four men and hanging one of them for escaping. This incident known as the Chesapeake led to a public resentment and the passing of the Embargo act. This act ended America's import of goods from other countries and their export, as well. America later entered into a war in 1812 with Great Britain. From this war, it was clear that America required an improved system of transportation and further economic sovereignty. These demands saw to the expansion of manufacturing

America's industrialization entailed three significant expansions. There was an expansion in the transport sector, then effective connection of electricity and lastly there were enhancements on industrial processing. Some of the industrial processing developments included improvement of the refining process and acceleration of production. The government approved a protective law to assist in the security of American manufacturers

This second industrial revolution was crucial for America as it stimulated the local communities and their innovative products from under shadows of large regions

. The economies of these regions lay its basis on agriculture with the help of production methods and labor forces. This revolution saw the innovation in transportation, such as steamboats, roads, railroads and Eerie Canal, link distant and isolated communities together.

Vietnam War

This is the longest war in the history of the United States. There were commitments and, promises to South Vietnam's government and its people to keep the forces of communist from surpassing them. These promises reached the Truman Administration and led to Eisenhower positioning CIA operatives and military advisors in Vietnam. John F. Kennedy also sent soldiers from America to Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson organized the first American troops authentic battle as Richard Nixon completed the war

The war led to many Americans loosing lives and United States… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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