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Immigration in to the U.S. is on the a rise)

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It is expected that the population of the U.S. will reach 400 million by the end of 2050; the major reason for the increase in the population is related with the rising number immigrants inside U.S. territory. The U.S. has reaffirmed its pledge towards improvement of immigration laws, the government has intended to support mass immigration, and has related such frequency of the immigration with the 'nation of liberty and opportunity for future generations' (Martha, 2006). The U.S. government has already planned to work on three different areas to improve the immigration practices, and make it more effective and productive for the country. The government has categorized the immigration reforms with sufficient consideration towards border security, strengthened law enforcement, and introduction of temporary worker program which is intended to provide the interested immigrants with interest that matches 'willing foreign workers with willing American employers'. According to U.S. President George Bush, the immigration reforms are 'the sign of confident and successful nation' (White House Press Secretary, 2006). Immigration has been responsible for the rising U.S. population, the immigration has created further implications of the U.S. government, and the government has to handle for the population growth, and environment protection along with requirement for the development of the new infrastructure. 'In the 1970s the U.S. population was approaching stability at less than 250 million around the year 2030'. At present, more than 1.5 million immigrants enter U.S. annually, and is the representation of the half of the total U.S. population. It has been warned that the Mexico is planning to gain popularity over the Southwest American region by supporting its citizens in crossing the border through illegal manners, 'whereas Mexico is betraying the U.S. government by trying to take over America's southwest and supporting illegal immigration'.

Show examples of current laws that reduce the number of immigrants)

Term Paper on U.S. Immigration on the Rise Assignment

The immigration laws and its enactment is related with the 'free marketers square off against cultural conservatives on the right side of the political spectrum; while on the left, civil rights and ethnic advocacy groups oppose environmentalists and job protectionists'. The current U.S. immigration policy is based on Immigration Act of 1924; the current immigration policy has not only reduced the numbers of immigration visas, but has also restricted the immigration offers for applicants of particular nationality. The allocation of immigration visas on nationality basis has favored the northern Europeans, and has reduced the chances for the Asians. Previously the immigration laws were not based on national quotas, the U.S. Immigration department provided equal opportunity to all the applicants, which resulted in mass migration from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Asia. It has been observed that stricter border controls have failed to reduce the flows of illegal immigration; instead it has resulted in cases of human rights abuses and victimization of infiltrator. The immigration has contributed for the reduced wage levels, and has diminished job opportunities which have affected the economic and social sectors. 'Many refugees fleeing repressive governments and violent political situations find themselves rejected by Washington' (Home Land Security, 2005). The current Immigration policy has failed to deliver concerns with reference to economic, humanitarian, and ethical issues. The rights of the immigrants to have their family shifted, their right to 'find haven from political persecution', their access to quality standards of living are the factors which support the quest of the applicants seeking immigration. However, these rights have been interpreted into issues by the analysts, according to them, beside these concerns, issues like rights of the native born citizens, and who should live, and work and benefit from the public services have been also critical issues therefore a sharp contrast has to be made between the rights of local citizens, and those of the immigrants.

Show the amount of tax dollars being spent on border security.)

The American government has reaffirmed its commitment towards adoption and implementation of comprehensive strategy through increasing and improving the border security. The government has already introduced certain amendments into American immigration laws; the objective of the exercise is to dilute insurgency. At parallel, the government has offered more incentives to the immigrants; the legal immigrants are treated in a hospitable manner. The government has further ensured that the immigration reforms in lieu with the development and strengthening of border security increase of border forces in the interiors as to remove illegal immigrants. The government has already planned to launch Temporary Worker Program, the objective of the program is to provide proper and official channel to the employers for the recruitment of aspirants among the immigrants. The government has already taken severe notice of the presence of millions of the immigrants without any documentation or permission. The government has intended to support the 'immigrants assimilate into American society' (Gordon, 2005). It is expected that the policy will 'deter and apprehend migrants' who have entered the country unofficially; the policy will also reduce the frequency of criminal practices along the border, through increase in border patrol forces.

The implementation of such policies is expected to resolve the economic concerns of employers, the policy has provided the employer with an opportunity to hire immigrants on a temporary basis, and has 'restored public confidence in the Federal Government's ability to enforce immigration laws' (Gordon, 2005). After 2001, the U.S. Administration and the Congress have approved and sanctioned the funds towards border security and immigration enforcement in grater proportion, there have been more than 145% and 118% rise respectively. The government has already sought the services of National Guardsmen to assist and support the Border Patrol at Southwest border, where the infiltration is imminent and untraceable. Guards have substituted the Border Patrol agents, the Border Patrol agents serve 'in supporting roles and returned them to frontline duties' (Martha, 2006). The government has allocated more than USD 3.5 billion towards Border Patrol; the allocated amount is 28% greater than the previous allocation. The government has also planned to fund and train more than 3,000 new agents. The current administration has unveiled its plan to increase the size of Border Patrol agents to 18,000 before the next Presidential elections i.e. 2009. Before the conquest of Republicans, there were less than 10,000 Border Patrol agents. The government has already allocated sufficient funding for 'for fencing, technology, and other infrastructure along the border' (Home Land Security, 2005). In September2006, contract was issued by the Department of Homeland Security to 'manage the fencing, technological, and other infrastructure components of its Secure Border Initiative effort, SBInet. The government has allocated more than $1 billion towards early deployment, in the 2008 Budget (Reed, 2005). The grant is expected to support the implementation of proven, low risk technology for the improvement of 'tools to Border Patrol and ensure availability of information', this is expected to improve the deterrence level of the American Border Patrol, and the guards are expected to achieve improved detection, identification, classification and confrontation techniques to tackle illegal border activity. The Republican government has already planned to increase their non-defense homeland security allocation by 9.5% than the allocation granted before. The allocation towards non-defense security homeland defense is excluding 'emergency funding and borrowing authority for interoperability grants' (Gary, 2006). The government has already approved the proposal for increasing the funds for the strengthening of border security and immigration enforcement to USD 13 billion, where USD 1 billion has been allocated towards construction of fences and monitoring of Southwest border. The government is looking towards allocation of USD 2 billion towards first responder preparedness, beside the allocation of USD 1 billion; the allocated amount is towards interoperable communications grants. The government has also plan to strengthen FEMA through forging understanding with States and the strong relations between the Capital and States have 'professionalize the national emergency management… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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