U.S. Internment Term Paper

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U.S. Internment

Since 911, many United Citizens have suffered under the new policies implemented by the government as part of its "war on terrorism." In addition, several more Americans have spoken out against injustice of this kind. These citizens argue that detaining and otherwise harassing citizens on the ground of suspicion as a result of no more but their ethnic heritage is against everything that the United States has come to represent both nationally and internationally. The United States has always prided itself upon its constitution and the fact that it provides all citizens, regardless of any distinguishing individual factors, with equal opportunities for peaceful and gainful living.

Recently, however, this has not been the case, as proved by the action against Al Odah, Rasul and Hamdi. These three persons have been detained indefinitely, without any evidence against them apart from the fact that they were of a certain ethnic heritage. They were not given the opportunity to defend themselves or to obtain counsel, in direct opposition to the constitution that provides these rights.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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