Term Paper: U.S. Invasion of Iraq

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[. . .] Iraq gained independence in 1932, but the British remained in indirect control until 1958, after a coup of the British-allied government.

The 1914 British invasion of Iraq progressed along remarkably similar lines to today's war. British troops first entered Basra in the south and proceeded north to seize Baghdad. "Coalition" troops followed a similar path. Furthermore, Iraq was just as divided along ethnic and tribal lines then as it is now. The Shiite majority is dominated by a substantial elite Sunni minority. Copeland notes that these divisions exist even within the exiled Iraqi community.

The Iraqi community learned to mistrust the intentions of the Western powers. According to Copeland's sources, the Iraqi people don't want non-Muslim rule of their country. Any government installed by the Americans will be resented and rejected. Currently, the Iraqi National Congress is touted as the new regime. However, any leader associated with the Congress will be associated with the invasion.

Of course, there are differences between what happened in the early 20th century and what is happening today. Saddam Hussain was a "homegrown despot," unlike the Ottomans. Moreover, Iraq was not an independent state in 1917, as it is today. The Iraqi people are also more self-aware, more "sophisticated" and have a strong sense of national identity. Because of these things, resistance in 2003 might even be stronger than it was ninety years ago.

The current invasion of Iraq suits the needs of the American and British superpowers, not the Iraqi people. Iraqis recognize the "familiar arrogance" of the American approach, which mirrors what happened almost a century ago. The Iraqi people fear that history is repeating itself, and the Western powers will continue to impose foreign values on a sovereign nation.

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