U.S. Military Organizational Culture the Competitive Edge Essay

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U.S. military organizational culture

The competitive edge that the U.S. military continuously enjoy is greatly linked to its strong corporate culture in the entire nation. U.S. military was built on three fundamental beliefs of significant capabilities in both defense and power projection. Consequently, these principles of operation have enabled U.S. military to instill a unique culture amongst its branches like the Continental Navy, Continental Army, and the continental Marines. As a basis for their integrity, the military organization advocates for strong military values that include strength, alertness, and defensive capabilities at all times. In light of customer service, the company exists to serve its country, support the friends of the nation and its structures, and give back to the local community through security services. Finally, in regards to defense, U.S. military has created a culture of innovativeness, diversity in services, and teamwork (Culture). This analyzes five theoretical constructs and the influences that shape U.S. military organizational culture and their impact in public administration management in the United States.

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US military built its organizational culture based on the personality of its founder, Second Continental Congress. Second Continental Congress started this organization as just a small organization that was fostered at protecting the country from the external influences and threats like the world wars. Currently, U.S. military has is multinational departments running other retails stores countries such as Canada, Brazil, China, among others.

Essay on U.S. Military Organizational Culture the Competitive Edge Assignment

Second Continental Congress is credited as being among the pioneer employers that referred to the security matters in the country as lethal. The strength of the Second Continental Congress, positive attitude, and nurturing heart gave the organization the qualities of charismatic performance that was directed at influencing safekeeping of the strategies of security in the country. Evidently, military personnel have been made to believe that they do not work for someone, but instead assist in getting the work executed in the country. As such, the perception that has been created amongst the employees is that those who work and perform extraordinary equally get a great share of the organization's profitability and the success of the country security details.

Organizational ethics is the second factor that influences and shapes the culture of any organization as the U.S. military organization. Ethics refers to the rule of acceptable code of conduct and behavior (Driskill & Brenton, 2005). U.S. military stores have been keen on observing ethical standards of fairness, honesty, and service to both individual people and the nation as a whole. Cases of fraud, exploitation, or… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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