U.S. and Norway Healthcare Systems Term Paper

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The Norwegian system of allocating scarce healthcare resources based on need results in long waits for services. Norway has a small private sector for those people that can pay afford to pay for healthcare to receive more immediate healthcare services. Both systems therefore have an inequality in the distribution of care.

Norway taxes its residents heavily for all public services and then decides what to spend on healthcare. In the U.S. The healthcare system is funded by through a combination of government and private insurance but the taxes paid by U.S. citizens is much lower than what Norwegians pay. Despite the differences in funding, the U.S. And Norway both face similar issues in their healthcare systems with the increase in life expectancies of their respective populations and the increasing number of the elderly requiring more care requiring increased spending on services for the older population. Although Norwegians pay more taxes, both healthcare systems are dependent to a large extent on current workers incomes to fund programs. This brings into question whether or not either healthcare system will be able to continue providing quality care with fewer resources and more patients needing care without reform.


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Term Paper on U.S. & Norway Healthcare Systems Assignment

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