U.S. War in Iraq Essay

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U.S. War in Iraq

No War in Iraq

The United States should not have gone to war with and occupied Iraq. The reasons America should not have gotten involved in this armed conflict are because Iraq presented no true threat as a world power or as a terrorist country, very few oil profits were gained in this venture, and a number of moral violations were actuated by the U.S. during this epoch. The U.S. claimed that it was getting involved in the war against Iraq because it had the potency to be a global menace. Furthermore, the perception was that the war would yield more amounts of oil and profits from oil for the U.S. Neither of these premonitions would come true, while there is a significant amount of evidence that the U.S. actually violated several moral issues during this belligerent affair.

Upon the commencement of this armed affair, U.S. governmental officials and the media widely disseminated the information that Iraq had access to weapons of massive destruction that were being prepared to be used in an effort of some sort of global terrorism. Significantly, however, no such weapons were ever discovered in the premises of this country, as the following quotation implies. "Most of the official justifications for war, on grounds of security from terror and weapons of mass destruction, have been discredited" (No author 2010). These justifications were discredited because no such weapons were ever found. The falsehood of this reason indicates the U.S. should not have gone to war with this country.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on U.S. War in Iraq No War in Assignment

Implicitly, it was widely confirmed that the war in Iraq was over oil and that the U.S. would reap the benefits of the copious quantities of oil there. However, no such benefits have been reaped. Since the United States has set up the new regime in Iraq, no U.S. companies were able to secure contracts for oil during the formal bidding process, and only two have been able to do so outside of that process. Furthermore, the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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