Term Paper: Using a Plea Deal

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¶ … Plea or Not to Plea?

The Necessary Evil in the Current Criminal Justice System

Robert Bianchi from the Morris County Prosecutors office makes the claim "why not?" when asked about offering plea agreements. Prosecutors generally have limited resources and they must decide how to make the best use of these resources to serve the community and uphold their objectives. In many of the lower level cases, prosecutors can generally predict what the outcome of a case would be within a given range based on the facts of the case, their knowledge of the local court system, and the basic circumstances related to the accused individuals. Therefore, prosecutors can expedite the legal process significantly by entering into a plea deal and not taking the charges to an actual trial. In a legal system that is largely overburdened on many fronts, this can definitely be a necessary evil for a prosecutor's office in regards to managing their human and financial resources.

Plea deals often carry other advantages such as the ability to minimize the risk associated with taking the case in front of a jury. Sometimes juries can be somewhat unpredictable and the trials might not always go the way that the prosecutor had planned. Although typically the plea deal offers some form of reduced sentencing to the accused, it also guarantees that they serve some form of punishment rather than potentially letting a guilty person go free if the jury does not find in their favor. Therefore, the plea deal does not only offer the prosecutor the ability to save time, but it also takes and risk out of the equation relative to trying the case.

Another advantage to the plea bargaining process for prosecutors is that they have a considerable amount of flexibility in negotiating deals. For example, if they know that the evidence against the accused… [END OF PREVIEW]

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