Utopia, Thomas More Presents His Own Concept Term Paper

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¶ … Utopia, Thomas More presents his own concept of what communal living should be in the most ideal setting in the 'ideal society.' More's communal aspects of his utopian plan include the premise that there should be no private property among the citizens of Utopia. Apart from depriving one's self from private property, human beings under the utopian condition also shows love for nature -- that is, people constantly commune with nature and recognize their importance in the establishment of a healthy and efficient society. The utopian society also practices electoral activities, a process that is based on representativeness and freedom of human choice to elect their leader in the society. All of these characteristics of communal living in the utopian society demonstrate a path towards equality, that is, the establishment of an egalitarian society.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Utopia, Thomas More Presents His Own Concept Assignment

In Book 1 of "Utopia," More presents three arguments against the ideology of communism, which are identified as follows: (1) the abolition of private property, (2) creation of socialism or a planned economy, and (3) non-subsistence to the principles of capitalism. Although in More's discourse he presents an opposing view to these features of communism, it becomes evident that he assents to these premises through the character of Hythloday. For More, these principles of communism are favorable for the achievement of an egalitarian society. The abolition of private property ensures that people can have equal means and tools used for producing people's basic commodities and needs, thereby eliminating the risk of creating a division and oppression among people as a result of the ownership and non-ownership of these means of production. A planned economy is linked with the abolition of private property, putting the role of the government as the primary regulator and central provider of goods… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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