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Veterans Affairs Mission Act Essay

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This is more so the case given the Act’s ambitious move to cater to the medical needs of veterans whose providers are out-of-network. It is important to note that at present, the law has sufficient provisions to make it possible for rural-setting veterans to gain access to care. These are inclusive of electronic payments streamlining as well as investments in the relevant technology. As a consequence, veterans have access to telemedicine care. In its attempt to account for the relevant political and legal factors, the VA system has been subjected to sweeping reforms. This effectively results in further enhancement of coordination. There are, however, some concerns over how the law ought to be financed (Fulton and Brooks, 2018). This could be a source of conflict between lawmakers and federal officials.

Federal Goals of the VA Mission Act

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When it comes to the federal goals that this policy attempts to address, it is important to note that since a TV investigative feature shone a spotlight on the plight of veterans in seeking access to care, the issue of U.S. veterans’ access to medical care has been largely exigent in Washington (Farmer, 2016). The feature was aired in 2014. In essence, the TV feature exposed the long period of time that veterans were waiting to access care – with the wait in some instances being so long that there were reported deaths of persons in the queue, waiting to see a doctor (Farmer, 2016). Owing to their exposure to unimaginable volatile situations during deployment, veterans often experience significant trauma – which could negatively impact their mental wellbeing in the long-term. In some instances, trauma symptoms are so severe that they invite physical health challenges, social dysfunction, etc. Thanks to the VA Mission Act, veterans can access the same daycare for both mental health and primary care. As a matter of fact, mental health appointments can be scheduled by the veterans themselves with no need for a referral.

Essay on Veterans Affairs Mission Act Assignment

In seeking to ensure that veterans have access to the benefits of the policy, I would employ a number of advocacy strategies. Some of these include active policy monitoring so as to lobby for full implementation, demanding public accountability from those charges with VA Mission Act implementation, and bringing to the attention of the key stakeholders any need for policy modifications.

An advanced registered nurse (APRN) has both a moral and professional obligation to not only advocate for, but also promote the health and wellbeing of diverse populations. In that case, an APRN ought to act in the patient’s best interests. This includes only engaging in treatment actions that are beneficial to the continued wellbeing of the patient while at the same time being respectful of a patient’s right to self-determination. Further, an APRN must labor to advance the privacy as well as the legal protection of the patient. This is more so the case when it comes to safeguarding the medical data of the patient and ensuring that the relevant measures are taken to avoid errors that could harm the patient. APRNs also ought to maintain high personal standards on the moral front. This would help in the further promotion of self-integrity and honesty.

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