Vacation the Beauty of Had Rin Beach Term Paper

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The beauty of Had Rin beach brought tears to my eyes, but nothing nearly like those that streamed down my face after biting into that curry in Bangkok. From its stainless steel bins the curry tried to warn me. "You can't handle me," it said with its oily surface and pieces of chili floating on the surface. Alarm bells sounded off in my brain before I burnt my tongue but young and arrogant I said, "Oh yeah?" Feeling proud of myself, I boldly ordered a plate of it by pointing. I had no idea what kind of curry it was or even if it had meat inside. I took the plate of curry, which came with a small pile of rice, and sat down on the plastic chairs provided by the vendor on the sidewalk. The food looked fabulous, almost as pretty as Had Rin. It was a shame I was so hungry because it burned so badly, I could barely make it past the first bite. It was delicious, though, and when I came back the next day the lady laughed at me and said, "Want more?" I ate the whole thing; like drugs, chili builds up a tolerance.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Thailand yields itself to travelers this way: in hot bursts. I loved traveling there for every reason: the beaches, the food, and the fun. Nightlife in Thailand is notoriously naughty and I went into the bars with an open-minded attitude but one that demanded a few beers. Shopping in Bangkok was almost as fun, with ultra-modern shopping malls and quirky street shops. Bangkok was not nearly as nasty a city as my friends had told me. Sure, the auto pollution was bad during rush hour but I avoided tuk-tuks and instead chose to take the water buses, which are like the vaporettos in Venice. Like Venice, Bangkok is a city rich with canals. The canals offer a peaceful way to see the glimmering tops of Thai wats. Watching the world go by, I would often sit on the boats for the fun of it and not just to get from place to place. I… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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