Validity and Reliability Questions of a Study Thesis

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Validity and Reliability

Questions of a study's reliability and validity involve two, separate yet interrelated issues. A study is reliable if it produces consistent results. A study is valid if it measures what it purports to measure. According to the article "Does your coworker know what you're doing? Convergence of self- and peer-reports of counterproductive work behavior" from the International Journal of Stress Management, serious Questions of reliability and validity often arise with work-related behavioral surveys, as workers may underreport negative behaviors for fear of reprisals. There are also more generalized problems with self-reportage, namely the tendency to view one's self in excessively favorable or unfavorable terms, or simply to be blind to routine personal behaviors obvious to others.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Validity and Reliability Questions of a Study's Assignment

To ensure that there would be reliable results in a study on the potentially dicey subject of counterproductive work-related behaviors, the study's authors instated a kind of 'peer honesty' control, namely they paired participants, gave the focal or incumbent employee a self-reported survey but also gave a similar survey to a coworker familiar with the incumbent's work situation and behavior. The coworker was physically close to the incumbent at the workplace, and their work-related behaviors were characterized… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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