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[. . .] The instinct to share may be good in some cases, but without visual literacy and awareness of copyright basics, sharing visuals could be illegal and violate the rights of the party that created the copyrighted material that was distributed. Basically, without knowledge of copyright basics, people who share photographs and other visuals act recklessly and irresponsibly. Even people with the best or most altruistic intentions could be violating the law and violating the rights given to each person to produces copyrighted material.

There are not many regulations on the Internet as of yet; many governments and private agencies are moving to increase regulations on the Internet. A number of regulatory changes that may come in the near and distant future will certainly be related to copyright and intellectual property laws. Once the Internet was invented and its use became so widespread, topics such as intellectual property and copyright law came to the forefront of news and current events in many countries.

Some of the clear benefits of access to a great deal of visuals are education and growth of viewers and users. One of the challenges to this vast access is the achievement of balance of use with some responsibility. We cannot use the Internet and visuals we locate in any way we want without consideration for the law and copyrights. Visual literacy cannot just mean being literate regarding the imagery and visuals online; visual literacy should also include literacy of the rules, regulations, and laws regarding visuals located online. This way people can still enjoy and share visuals they find interesting enough to share with others online and in the real world and at the same time, those who deserve appropriate credit and material benefits, receive them while taking solace in the popularity and/or use of the visuals they create.


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