Van Eyck and El Greco Incorporated Religious Research Paper

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¶ … van Eyck and El Greco incorporated religious iconography into their paintings, most of which were commissioned by the wealthy Catholic elite. Working thousands of kilometers apart from one another, and separated also by a century of time, Jan van Eyck and El Greco share in common few technical or formal elements. In the first half of the fifteenth century in the Netherlands, Jan van Eyck created visual landscapes that were unprecedented at the time. With "remarkable skill and accuracy," the Dutch artist conveyed the life and times of Christ with attention to detail and a striking amount of realism.

A Greek working in Spain exactly a hundred years later would also break new ground in the visual arts. Domenikos Theotokopoulos, who would be forever after known by the moniker El Greco (the Greek), turned painting on its head. As if foreseeing the advent of abstraction and expressionism, El Greco conveyed traditional Catholic iconography with colors as vivid as those used by Jan van Eyck. However, El Greco's style and composition are radically different from those used by the Netherlandish artist.

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In "The Crucifixion," Jan van Eyck depicts the grim scene of Christ's execution in vivid detail. Commissioned by the Burgundian court, the Crucifixion scene is partner to another panel showing an equally as intense vision of the Last Judgement. Together, the two panels were designed as altarpieces. During the time van Eyck painted "The Crucifixion," religious art served a practical purpose. Artists were dominated by ubiquitous visions of the Crucifixion in their daily lives and were also "able to imagine a spacious church interior dominated by" such iconography.

Research Paper on Van Eyck and El Greco Incorporated Religious Assignment

The panels are long and narrow, and so the eye must move continually up and down the wood. Such an arrangement proves ideal for an image of the crucifix, which occupies a long, narrow plane in space. Interestingly, most of the composition is consumed by crowd surrounding the crucified Christ: dozens… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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