Vegetarianism Many People Tend to Be Drawn Research Paper

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Many people tend to be drawn to vegetarianism through different sorts of motives. A section of us are in need of living healthier lives, live longer and prevent ourselves from being obese. Others have turned to be vegetarians because they are in need of conserving the Earth's natural resources, or some love animals and their ethics do not allow them to eat animals as others are conserving the environment.

Many of the scientific researches have shown health and environmental benefits of diets which majorly consists of plants. Federal government has also recommended that people can attain most of their calories out of vegetables, grain products and fruits. And it has been proven that approximately 70% of the entire diseases, one third of all cancers included, tend to be related to diet.

Through extensive worldwide studies by independent, highly respected international health advisory boards, it has been proven that vegetarian diet is healthier significantly as compared to the one which contain meat and animal products. This covers all ages starting from infants to adults not leaving out lactating and pregnant women.


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In the past people had a misconception that vegetarian diet did not contain protein, meat industry spread out their promotional commercials having slogans that meat was the real food, and had a meaning that vegetarian diet was somehow lacking. Things changed and the idea was that vegetarians could get enough protein but it was not easy, which was not the truth. It is very easy to eat a balanced diet, however, the concern could be in third world countries where the entire diet can be limited to a few foods, for instance when rice is the only staple food. Nevertheless, within industrialized nations, people eat variety of foods everyday and you find that the probability of eating too much protein is higher that eating little of it, even for vegetarians.

Research Paper on Vegetarianism Many People Tend to Be Drawn Assignment

The first body to enlighten people on the many benefits of a vegetarian diet was the British Medical Association (BMA) in their report of 1986. From several of their researches, they reached a conclusion that vegetarians tend to have lower cholesterol, lower cases of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, large intestines disorders, gall stones and certain types of cancers.

Moreover, findings from the highly respected World Health Association (WHO) in 1991 about vegetarian and vegan diets confirmed that the findings of BMA was correct and they also found that diets that are rich in meat and dairy tend to promote other diseases on top of kidney failure, low bone density and osteoporosis. They went as far as predicting that the crisis of cancer that the world is facing are based on the Western nations trends of meat rich diets. The report also faulted governments providing the public with guidelines of diets promoting meat and dairy to be the necessary foods while vegetarian-based policies to be optional.

When one changes to always eating vegetarian diets, an individual will be able to live a healthy life on top of keeping himself off diseases especially in preventing, reversing or treating heart diseases as well as reducing the risk of cancer. A vegetarian diet containing low-fat is one of the most advisable ways of stopping the progression of coronary artery disease or preventing it fully. When we compare the death rate in the United State caused by cardiovascular disease, we find that out of 1 million people who die, these cases are lower in vegetarian as compared to non-vegetarians. Another reasons as to why vegetarian diet is inherently healthy is because vegetarians always do not consume the cholesterol rich animal fat but less cholesterol in the vegetables. They consume a lot of fiber as well as more antioxidant-rich produce.

When one is a vegetarian he lowers the chances of being attacked by food-borne illnesses. The report of the CDC shows that all kinds of food-borne illnesses in United States contributes to 76 million illness yearly, making 325,000 people to be hospitalized and 5,000of them die, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2011). From the research of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) they found that foods that are rich in protein for example, poultry, fish, sea food and meat are commonly victims of food-borne illness outbreaks.

Vegetarian diet helps one keep his or her weight down or prevent him from being obese. On considering the standard American diet, it has high saturated fats and processed food together with having low in plant-based foods plus complex carbohydrates, this makes people to be fat and at the same time it kills people slowly. The findings of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Center for Health Statistics showed that 15% of children aged 6 to 19 and 64% of adults are overweight and may easily be attacked by weight-related ailments as well as diabetes, stroke and heart diseases.

From the research which was conducted by James D. Anderson, M.D. among 50 patients, 25 of them had type I diabetes and the other 25 had type II diabetes and they were taking insulin to help them control the concentration of their blood sugar. The finding was that, after these patients were put in American- style diet which was recommended by the American Diabetes Association, a diet that contain low fat, high fiber, plant-based diet, type I patients were able to reduce the insulin within three weeks with an average f 40% after changing diet, while the 24 out of the 25 who were having type II within three weeks were able to stop taking their insulin.

Some of researchers have found that in any case an individual change from standards American diet to a vegetarian diet, this person is capable of adding an estimate of 13 healthy years to his or her life. Individuals who consume saturated, animal fat tend to have a shorter lifespan as well as lots of disability at the end of their lives. What make animals products not suitable is that they always clog somebody's arteries, zap this person's energy and even slow down such a person's immune system. Individuals who eat meat as well may suffer from accelerated cognitive and sexual dysfunction when they are still young.

Vegetarian diet has a proof of longevity, for example, the people who have longest life expectancy in the world are the resident of Okinawa in Japan, this was according to a study that have been done there for 30 years using not less than 600 Okinawan centenarians. The secret behind them having a longer life span is fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, a low-calorie diet of unrefined complex carbohydrates and soya Slonaker, J.R. (1912).

When one is a vegetarian diet he or she will be able to build strong bones. If it happens that the amount of calcium in the blood is not enough, the body will try to leach it from existing bone. Due to this there will be a metabolic result where the body's skeletons become porous therefore looses strength over time. Recommendation from many of the health practitioners is that there is need for increase in taking calcium as intended by nature through food. Not only people who are mildly lactose-intolerant should enjoy small amount of dairy products like cheese, lactose-free milk and yogurt, they can still avoid using dairy products and get it from soymilk, tofu, dry beans and green vegetables like collards, kale, turnip greens and broccoli.

Vegetarian diet eases the symptoms of menopause. Phytoestrogens which is a plant-based chemical compounds that mimic the behavior of estrogen and is capable of increasing and decreasing estrogen and progesterone levels when there balance is maintained in a diet, they assist in ensuring a more comfortable passage through menopause. Even though phytoestrogens can be acquired from other foods like cherries, apples, beets, dates, olives, yams, squash,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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