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Vendor Application

Recruitment is an important phase, as this provides the opportunity to develop relationships with potential candidates. These relationships will then contribute towards the final staffing decision. Recruitment is also an opportunity to make use of existing staff. Word-of-mouth information can for example be provided to existing staff regarding the availability of the position. As the staff presumably have the best interest of the company in mind, they can help in recruiting the best future staff members. Other methods of recruitment include tapping social board funders and academic networks, publicizing in employee referrals, networking in industry groups, conferences and trade shows. Building and keeping a potential employee database is another method that can facilitate recruitment.

In terms of the initial training plan, employees will be provided with the policies and procedures of employment at Serenity Health Services. In this regard, they will complete a program that includes elements such as orientation to the health needs of clients, CPR, First aid, health and safety policies and procedures.

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2. In addition to the above-mentioned training in basic elements of work, employees will further receive training in elements such as medication, seizures, interactions with clients, ISPP process, communication with families, client rights and confidentiality. Direct care personnel members will also receive training specific to their responsibilities, objectives and assignments. Such staff members will also be required to annually review agency policies and procedures, and plan for potential contingencies in terms of emergencies and disasters. Other elements of training will include client intervention techniques a provided by a professional. Basic training will therefore include practical, on-site training that will help staff members provide each specific community with their specific health care needs. An awareness of legislation in combination with an understanding of client rights will form part of this training.

Term Paper on Vendor Application Assignment

3. Being a health service, it is vital that Serenity Health Services Mental Health LLC (SHS) provide its community with the best of uninterrupted service at all times. This is the responsibility of the Clinical Director. The Director is to provide the community with appropriate treatment by qualified, professional staff. This means that capacity demands must be met in a timely fashion. To accomplish this, the Director needs to determine whether additional staff are required to provide sufficient and timely service. Specifically, the Director will meet with the Chief Administrative Officer on a weekly basis, with the purpose of reviewing census reports. These are to indicate whether additional personnel must be hired in order to meet capacity demands. In order to provide the necessary human resources, a pool of potential employees will be created to determine the best choice and quality of future service. A web site will also be created for the purpose of staffing.

4. Policies and procedures are implemented in order to address neglect and abuse allegations internally. These include definitions and prohibitions in terms of the allegations, the detection of neglect and abuse both within and outside the agency itself, and intervention to prevent recurring incidents. Intervention will occur immediately, as soon as possible after the initial allegation. Reporting will be handled with the necessary sensitivity and discretion, after which a thorough investigation is launched into the allegations. When reports are found to be grounded in fact, corrective action will be taken immediately in order to prevent and discourage further abuse. In all cases, the rights of the community will be taken into account, as well as how these are supported and integrated with legislation. All procedures and policies will occur according to these rights and the law. Abuse and neglect will include actions such as smoking and drinking, that could impact negatively upon the comfort and right of fellow residents. Adequate staffing procedures will be implemented to handle these issues.

5. Externally, policies and procedures are put in place to address the alleged neglect and abuse of residents. Definitions of abuse, along with prohibitive rules, will be put in place in accordance with external law-making agencies. Possible neglect and abuse will be monitored continuously, with detection paradigms in place both inside and outside the agency. As with internal reporting, immediate intervention will occur in cases of neglect or abuse, and measures will be in place to prevent further abuse. Reporting will occur in accordance with legislation, and neglect or abuse revealed by investigation will result in setting review and corrective action. The comfort level and rights of residents will also be taken into account, and prohibitive measures will be taken in terms of smoking and drinking. Policies and procedures will be put in place by means of which residents can report abuses internally, and in the event that issues cannot be resolved on the premises, external reporting procedures will be followed. Policies and procedures will be submitted to the Division for approval.

6. The internal review process is supplemented with corrective action. This process is based upon incident reports. Incident reports regarding client affairs and staff concerns. Specifically, these reports are filed whenever violations of the SHS Code of Ethics are committed by any person involved with the agency. Specific procedures need to be filed when such violations occur, and the SHS Clinical Director is directly responsible for all complaints filed against SHS employees. Such reports are written on an SHS Incident Form and filed for 12 months after the incident. It is registered with a licensing body within one working day of the incident. Incidents may include death, abuse, neglect, or exploitation, suicide attempts, and physical injuries. The procedure to follow when incidents are reported includes an interview with all parties involved, the documentation of all specifics relating to the incident, including the location, time, and date of the incident.

7. Complaint and grievance forms contain the specific elements of the incidents reported. In the case of minors, the names and addresses of minors and their parents or caretakers are included, the age of the minor along with the extent of the grievance suffered, and any other information necessary to establish the cause of injury or neglect. Minors are encouraged to enter all the details of the incident, so that an accurate assessment can be made regarding corrective action. Minors are also encouraged to follow the specific steps included in grievance reports in order to validate the grievances suffered and claims made.

8. Grievance procedures include specific steps. Firstly, all complaints are to be directed to the Office Manager, a position at Serenity Health Services Mental Health, LLC currently held by Melissa Whalley. Cases that Ms. Whalley cannot resolve herself are referred to the Clinical Director, Kenneth Rose. If the complaint still cannot be resolved, more information is requested. In such a case, the complainant needs to submit the complaint, the reason for the complaint, and the requested resolution, if any to the Controlling Manager. The written request is then assessed and a response can be expected within sixty days of submission. Complainants are to be as specific as possible regarding all the elements of their case, including the sequence of events leading to the complaint, as well as all the persons involved in the incident. Furthermore, complainants are asked to be specific about the resolutions they would like for their complaints.

9. Policies and procedures regarding the submission of complaints and grievances follow a process from the lowest to the highest levels. Administratively, some complaints are easily resolved via informal channels on the premises, while others are more serious and need to be submitted to higher levels of management. Policies and procedures are implemented to facilitate resolutions and help complainants as soon as possible.

Clients or services providers alike have the right to submit a request for Administrative

Review. The first step towards this is to attempt a resolution of the complaint via informal channels of communication with the Health Plan representative or District Program Manager. If this does not have the desired outcome, a written request for an Administrative Review can be filed with the Compliance and Review Unit within 35 days of the incident. If there is still no satisfactory resolution, a further written request for an Administrative Review can be filed with the Division's Compliance and Review Unit within 60 days of the incident. In such a case, the Compliance and Review United needs to review the written request. A formal, written decision will then be returned within a certain timer frame. Time frames are prescribed under ALTCS.

It is the concern of agency that clients and workers enjoy the full benefits of the agency at all time. Complaints will therefore be handled within the exact prescribed time frames to ensure that all relationships are fully restored and quality service enjoyed.

10. It is also possible that persons outside of the direct service of the agency may have complaints and grievances. Such persons may include consumers, families, or consumer representatives. In such a case, there are also specific procedures to be followed. Complaints regarding services or staff by representatives of the client will be resolved as quickly as possible under the following policies… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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