Venezuelan Governmental Action Chavez Term Paper

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Venezuelan Governmental Action - Chavez Attempting to Abstract

In my paper below, I shall state the policies of Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela and discuss his obvious abuse of power and their repercussions not only on America and the world but also on Venezuela itself.


Venezuela currently supplies the United States with over 15% of its oil, making the South American nation its 4th largest supplier, after Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Mexico."(Jim Bencivenga). It is this position that Hugo Chavez is trying to take advantage of by enforcing his 2001 Hydrocarbon law according to which royalties on foreign operators doubled from 16.67% to 30% and a majority government stake was required in any joint venture taking place in the future. He has also banned dollar payments. "From now onwards, we won't be paying a cent in dollars (of costs) to these transnational companies" (Venezuela Bans Dollar Payments To Oil Firms)

Such expropriations could threaten foreign and international investments of major oil companies such as Mobil, Chevron basin and ConocoPhillips.

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What Chavez is actually trying to do is shift the customer base of PDVSA, the oil company owned by the state of Venezuela towards Asia where the increasingly oil-thirsty China would welcome it. This would make Venezuela less dependent on U.S. And other neighboring states. Chavez has signed a deal to build oil and gas pipelines between Maracaibo Basin in Venezuela and the Caribbean and Pacific coasts in Colombia which would enable him to ship petroleum to China without using the Panama canal. This would allow him to cut deliveries to those who oppose him and hence forcing them into seeking other sources of oil at of course greater costs. As if this wasn't enough; Chavez has also announced plans to annul all mining concessions, which were previously granted to private companies. The state mining corporation of the country Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana, CVG, is reviewing many of its contracts and each of them would be modified according to the new laws.

Term Paper on Venezuelan Governmental Action Chavez Attempting Assignment

Chavez said, "We've decided to revoke a group of mining concessions given by previous governments, including our own government. No more concessions."(Anonymous)

Many companies are likely to get affected with concessions according to a member of the National Assembly's mining commission. "Mining decision could have repercussions in Canada."(Virginia Citrano)


President Chavez in order to put his "Bolivarian revolution" in effect has to come up with sources to fund it. It's a vision that's utopian n Chavez knows it. Still he continues to outrageously increase the prices of oil and now these laws on mining, which might only help in further increasing the inflation instead of causing deflation

He has very close ties with Fidel Castro of Cuba, which is evident from the fact that he offered concessions on 53,000 barrels of oil per day in exchange for Cuba's doctors, teachers, and intelligence experts.


Chavez took over PDVSA in 2002; he fired some 18,000 skilled oil workers, which temporarily paralyzed PDVSA. The 2002-2003 strike caused utter devastation in the oil giant. Some 35,000-40,000 skilled workers, which included fire fighters, walked out while the spillage and fires continued to ensue. Production capacity plunged from three million barrel per day to only 600,000 barrels. To regain and maintain the pumping… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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