Venus Williams on Women Term Paper

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Venus' strong female presence in sports is not limited to activities on or related to the tennis court. She is also taking advantage of her recognition in sports by providing endorsements for carefully selected organizations that represent her values and ambition. In addition to her supreme athletic ability, Venus possesses the intelligence and business savvy that is essential to securing her financial future upon retirement from tennis.


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Venus Williams has changed the face of women's tennis forever. As her legacy continues in the world of sports, she is likely to garner many new achievements that will astound tennis fans all over the world. Her humble beginnings in California led to a passion for tennis that is unmatched in the sport today, perhaps with the single exception of her sister, Serena. Venus and Serena have attracted the attention of sports fans with their intense competitive temperaments and surprisingly inconsequential sibling rivalry that attracts significant media attention, especially when they act as rivals on the court. However, the Williams' family values are strongly apparent in both women, and as the older sibling, Venus is strongly grounded in her faith and beliefs in family as well as her inherent talent. Venus possesses a unique blend of talent, athleticism, charisma, determination, and confidence that few women in sports will ever surpass. She has influenced and gained the admiration of women all over the world who aspire to follow a dream and achieve their vision. She has also undoubtedly influenced women who aspire to improve their lifestyles to incorporate health and fitness regimens. She has left an enduring mark on tennis that will never be forgotten.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Venus Williams on Women and Assignment

Morgan, Terri. Venus and Serena… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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