Victimology Compared to Criminology Parallels Between Criminology and Victimology as Well as Differences Term Paper

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Victimology vs. Criminology:

Based on the society where one lives, the society is normally inclined to permit criminals to obtain leniency for their crimes because of the prevailing environment. In most cases, criminals tend to adopt the persona of a victim in order to obtain sympathy even their offenses were not influenced by the environment. This attempt proves to be successful in certain cases because well-off people may feel guilty when in the presence of less-fortunate individuals. Through adopting the role and persona of a victim, the criminal basically evades the responsibility of his/her offense. The study of crime has developed to include various disciplines such as criminology and criminology that focus on different aspects of criminal offenses.

Victimology is the study of the offender, victim, and the society or the analysis of the harm done from illegal activities. While this field is closely related to criminology, it focuses on victimization or victims associated with a particular criminal offense. Throughout its history, this field benefits from contributions of psychologists, lawyers, criminal justice officials, sociologists, social workers, doctors, nurses, political scientists and other professionals (Karmen, 2009, p. 16). As an area of specialization within criminology, victimology is considered as a discipline that is at par with other intensive study areas like penology, drug abuse, and delinquency. Generally, victimology is the recent offshoot in criminology with criminology acting as the traditional and older parent discipline.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Victimology Compared to Criminology Parallels Between Criminology and Victimology as Well as Differences Assignment

Criminology is the oldest and most commonly used technique in determining various aspects of a criminal activity to help in explaining crime and crime causation. This discipline is described as the scientific study of the nature, cause, degree, and management of criminal behavior. Generally, this discipline incorporates various areas like the process of making laws, the act of violating these laws, and criminal offenses as social phenomena. Criminology also covers aspects like verified principle in law-making and socially deviant behavior. In other words, this field of crime investigation can be explained as the scientific study of unlawful activities, criminals and their victims, and criminal justice system and law.

Similarities between Victimology and Criminology:

An examination of both victimology and criminology reveals that they are closely intertwined though they have some similarities and differences. Some of the major similarities between the two fields include the following

Increase of Effectiveness:

As scientific study fields, victimology and criminology increases the effectiveness of the criminal justice system because of the different approach that they both take. This is largely because both of these disciplines focus on two of the most important aspects in the criminal justice i.e. criminal offenses and their victims. Through studying criminal offenses, criminals, and their victims, victimology and criminology enhances the effectiveness of the criminal justice system to deal with offenses and ensure that justice is given to the victims.


The roles of both criminology and victimology are very much inter-connected given that the roles of criminals or victims can be hazed (Diehl, 2010). Since victims can sometimes become criminals due to falsification, there is a huge possibility for the flexibility of the roles of victimology and criminology. Due to the flexibility of the roles, there is a deep intricacy linked with criminology and crime because nothing is clear cut including crime.

Collection and Interpretation of Data:

The other similarity between these two fields is that both victimologists and criminologists emphasize on following the appropriate ways of collecting and interpreting data. These professionals emphasize on the proper methods of data collection and interpretation because of their impacts on the realization of the desired goals and objectives. When data is collected and interpreted incorrectly, victimologists and criminologists are unable to accomplish their objectives.

Similar Methods of Data Collection and Interpretation:

Victimologists and criminologists use similar methods as those used by social scientists such as surveys, case studies, and polls. These methods are based on various communication forms, interviews, questionnaires, carefully designed social experiments, secondary examination of documents, and systematic observations. These professionals calculate statistics, draw graphs, compute rates, search for patterns and trends, and compile profiles. Generally, both criminology and victimology research, develop theses, gather and interpret data, calculate rates, develop conclusions that lead to findings, and help in developing and evaluating policies.

Differences between Victimology and Criminology:

Regardless of the previously explained similarities in the two scientific disciplines, criminology and victimology also have some differences. This is largely because they are designed to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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