Victorian Women Literature in 19Th Century Chapter

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¶ … social legacy and literary work of Victorian women. In the 19th, many Victorian women are very popular century because of their literary contributions during the era. Typically, Victorian women produced vast number of sensational and sentimental romantic poems and novels throughout the 19th century. While a large number of women had been recognized as writers, some women were handpicked as Victorian writers of poems and novels. The most prominent Victorian writers include poets Christiana Rossetti, and Elizabeth Barrett, novelists Mary Elizabeth, Charlotte Bronte and George Eliot. Elizabeth Barrett was one of the leading prominent Victorian writers. Christina Rossetti also received a critical praise as one of the best important poets of her time. Typically, Christina Rossetti produces variety of devotional and romantic poems that command lasting respect in the Victorian era. However, the rigid gender role during the era made many women to face challenges in justifying their literary career. Mary Evans was also one of the leading novelists in the 19th century. Her works are distinguished by intricate, sophisticated character development, deep psychological insight, and intertwined plots. Her best-known novels include Daniel Deronda (1876), Middlemarch (1871 -- 72), and The Mill on the Floss (1860).

However, Jane Austen is one the most significant 19th century contributor to the literary works. Her novels, which include Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice continue to inspire 21 century readers. Typically, Austen's combination of social realism and wry wit stood out from the traditional perception of other women writing styles.

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The proposal develops research objective to enhance a greater understanding of the literary works of Victorian women.

Research Objective

Chapter on Victorian Women Literature in 19Th Century Assignment

To investigate the social legacy and literary work of Victorian women. Linkages to the teaching of early modern prose." The study will focus on the work of Christina Rossetti, an English poet who produced a variety of devotional, romantic and children poems. Her works include Remember, Goblin Market, and Christmas Carol. The project will also focus on the work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, who demonstrated a deep concern about women in her poem titled "Aurora Leigh (1856)." The proposal will also discuss the work of Mary Elizabeth, who is a well-known essayist and novelist. She published critical essay and short stories during her 27 years career.

Literature Reviews

Factor Influences the Literary work of Victorian Women

Kuduk argues that Victorian poetry reveal every arena of Victorian society and culture. Scheinberg adds to the argument by revealing that Victorian women essayists and poets lived during the time when religious was very vital to the identities of women. During the period, Christian Rossetti and Elizabeth Barrett reveal in their poems the important connections between the religious identity and the 19th century poetry. Thompson contributes to the argument by pointing out that Victorian women literary writer dominated a vast literary writing market during the Victoria era. Despite their contributions to the literary works, rigid gender issues have undermined their works. Spanning the entire Victoria period is about the treatment of women and during the second half of the 19th century, the literary writing works were centered on marriage, suffragist writing, children writing, suffragist writing, linkages between art and literature.

Demoor in his argument reveals that female identity is very difficult during the Victorian era. Some poets and essayists during the time had some supernatural power to assist them completing their literary works. The author selects some poems that demonstrate Victorian women identity during the Victorian. The poems such as "The Mermaid" and "The New Medusa" reveal the women sexuality and identity this period.

Literary Poetry Work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Avery "considers how Elizabeth Barrett Browning used poetry to explore and challenge traditional Victorian roles for women, assessing the early influences on her work and thought" (1). Avery points out the rights and roles of women were widely debated during the Victorian era. During this period, women had limited rights in politics, and education. The limited rights of women, which Victorians termed "The Women Question," influence the literary work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Typically, Elizabeth Barrett made a powerful contribution towards Women Question and her powerful writing made the issue to become a focus in the political and social agenda.

The literary works of Elizabeth Barrett generally focuses on the position of women in society. In 1972, she wrote a controversial book titled "Vindication of the Rights of Woman" that emphasized on how education was denied the middle-class women making them to be unfit in the society. Her work called for changes in the society, and her strong belief in education made her to develop a strong ambition in education. For example, Elizabeth educated herself through an extensive reading of literature, modern foreign languages, history, classics and history.

In 1852, Elizabeth published a poem titled "Aurora Leigh (1856)," which was the most controversial, extensive though provoking and challenging work ever produced by a Victorian women writer. The poem focuses on women's education, fallen women and industrialization. Elizabeth Barrett's assertion from the poem is to demonstrate her feelings about modern concerns.

Elizabeth Barrett uses the poem to bring together various aspects of the Woman Questions. The poem traces Aurora's struggle in order to become a professional woman. The poem also reveals a deep concern of Elizabeth about women education. In her own case, it was when she discovered her father's library she had been able to accumulate knowledge and ideas from the book in the library. She described her experience in the following poem:

"As the earth

Plunges in fury, when the internal fires

Have reached and pricked her heart […]

-- thus, my soul […]

Let go conventions and sprang up surprised" (Browning, 845 -- 52).

The poem demonstrates the importance of education for Aurora. A major area that makes Aurora Leigh very important is the abuse of Marian Earle when she was sold into brothel. When Elizabeth met Marian in Paris, she had become a fallen woman because she had been raped by a man of violence. Thus, the Elizabeth Barrett's poem reveals many key questions about women education, work, marriage, motherhood, sexuality, female solidarity, and modern concerns. The Aurora Leigh also demonstrated the issues of modern concerns that were revealed in the past. In the poem, Elizabeth Barrett shows a concern about the women question as being revealed in the following poem:

… "if there's room for poets in this world

A little overgrown, (I think there is)

Their sole work is to represent the age,

Their age, not Charlemagne's, -- this live, throbbing age,

That brawls, cheats, maddens, calculates, aspires,

And spends more passion, more heroic heat,

Betwixt the mirrors of its drawing-rooms,

Than Roland with his knights at Roncesvalles." (Browning,200-07).

Literary Poetry Work of Christina Rossetti

Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) is another Victorian Woman writer who had explored religious poetry to satisfy her spiritual fulfillment. Christina Rossetti career spanned for nearly half a century. Typically, Christiana Rossetti produced poetry in a wide range of styles and forms. The religious belief influenced the Rossetti's writing and her beliefs were so strong that she turned down two suitors, Charles Bagot Cayley and James Collinson because of religious incompatibility. Rossetti produced a poem, the Goblin Market (1862) that depicts the consequence of being attracted to worldly pleasures rather than devoted God. Her poem shows that the world is seductively beautiful that resembles sweet flowers, and ripe fruits. However, in the night, the image of the world transforms into naked horror, which resembles subtle serpents. Thus, an individual who attaches himself to the world will be taken away from the spirit of God. In her poem, she emphasizes the consequence of being taken away from God:

"Is this a friend indeed; that I should sell

My soul to her, give her my life and youth,

Till my feet, cloven too, take hold on hell?" (Rossetti,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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