Video-Based Instruction in Distance Learning Thesis

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DISTANCE LEARNING: ARTICLE SUMMARY According to the article, distance learning is an effective alternate means of educational instruction that considerably broadens the spectrum of useful methods of academic instruction as well as task-oriented vocational training. While distance learning does not necessarily require the use of a video component, the advantages of video-based instructional programs include the receptivity and enthusiasm of students for instruction through a visual medium. In that regard, the author suggests that even completely informal "instruction" such as in the form of passive learning from watching commercial television is also associated with information retention, or learning as well.

Optimal learning results combine auditory components with information presented through the visual medium, but in that regard, the specific format of the auditory component is comparatively less important. Comparable learning is achieved whether the auditory component is presented simultaneously or after the fact. Likewise, whereas early incarnations of video-based instructional programs tended to feature a human instructor on the screen, contemporary research has demonstrated that the inclusion of an instructor is not directly related to the effectiveness of distance learning programs.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Thesis on Video-Based Instruction in Distance Learning Assignment

In principle, this is thought a function of the dual mechanisms of cognitive learning through visual and auditory information in general. More particularly, the author also suggests that, if anything, the auditory component of successful distance learning experiments may be underappreciated by virtue of assumptions that successful video-based learning experiences are incorrectly attributed to the value of video specifically. The author suggests that empirical information is comparatively lacking in the area of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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