Research Paper: Video Games on Children Owing

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[. . .] It was found by splitting two groups, one being the control group and the other being the experiment group. One group was given the video game consoles and the other was not. There results were that the kids who did not have gaming consoles spent more time studying than those boys that had these gaming consoles. In fact, the time that the kids with gaming consoles were half of what was spent by the kids who did not have video game consoles (Grill, 2010).

A University Psychologist from Iowa researched that Parents need to do more than just look at the age rating of a certain video game. Parents need to look at the game works and play it with the kids to see what kind of impact it could have on the child. Where some video games can act as amazing tools for teaching the kids about many new and interesting things that could be a healthy sign of learning for him, some games can inculcate violent behavior amongst the children. The research found a strong between the violence of the kinds with exposure to games that were violent. This research declared such video games unhealthy for the children's mind (Associated Press, 2006).

One study conducted as a revision to an already existing one says that children should not be allowed to play video games during their school for the whole year, and should only be allowed to play them in the summer vacation and that too, if they perform well in their academics and school related activities'. It is a universal addiction and will keep making children more addicted to itself if children are not controlled regarding the number of hours they play and the kind of content that there is in the video games that they choose to play. One interviewee of the study state that parents should not let television and video games raise their kids, in fact they should be taught to spend time with others, to learn the norms and social values that are appropriate instead of the false impression that these video games create about a world that is non-existent in reality (Billings Gazette, The (MT), 2011).

Another research which had a different view than the one stated above found that children play video games not to become more violent but to use them as a means to decrease their aggressive thoughts, that is, if they would use these video games as an outlet for letting out their aggression, they would in reality become less aggressive and violent because they would have already let out their violent behavior on the game. Some students re interviewed from a college who had played these games in childhood. Their response was that if they were angry at school they would go home and let out their anger on the video game by playing games such as street fighter which would help them get rid of anger in real life and they would not get physically violent and instead would only use the buttons of joysticks o let out their anger. Furthermore, parents can sue these video games as a means to reduce violence in their kids by portraying the adverse effects of these video games in real life and having bad consequences in reality. Some parents were also interviewed regarding the effects of video games on their children. They had a very positive view because they believed that these video games helped the kids learn the realities of life, get exposed to bad things virtually and learn that they are not the right things to do. So the games basically helped the kids stay away from wrongdoings in real life because their parents taught them that. The parents believed that it was about being adapted to the exposure and about pattern recognition (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2012).

Another study that shows the positive effects of video games suggested that video games could be used to induce positive learning amongst the children. In this study, in the state of Illinois, a game was launched which was called "The Day the Earth Shook," and its purpose was to teach the kinds about how to cope up with an earthquake in case they had to do it in real life. The study indicates that it is a very good source of learning how to react in time of an earthquake. The game is available for free for everyone to find out how to react in time of an earthquake. The indicated that it is much more easy and long lasting to learn things through a video game than by reading or listening to someone. It makes the means more interesting and more useful for usage in the future (Hodges, 2011).

One interesting study shoes that children's video games can help them improve their diets instead of ruining them. Since children get inspired by the content they see in video games, it is very beneficial to introduce to them games that include something linked to fruits and vegetables and the positive impacts that they can have on the children's minds. Such games would be known as social impact games for instance, a game called Infection-Nano swarm: Invasion from inner space is a game that emphasizes on the story of a few teens that fight a plague of viruses that are microscopic through a mini vessel in a human body towards defeating the plague. Such kind of games can have a positive impact on kids' choices in food to for instance become as strong as the teenagers in the game by taking food such as healthy fruits and vegetables. The study indicated that children who played such games actually increased their consumption of fruit and vegetable and moved towards healthier food. Hence, video games can be used for positive purposes also (Hart, 2010).


From the analysis given above, it is evident that video games have been playing a major role in inhibiting the capabilities of children and by hindering their academic success, emotional stability and their performance in the social arena. They are seen to become more violent and aggressive, misbehave, become less active and spend more time in destructive activities instead of constructive ones. However, if the kind of content in video games is controlled and instead of focusing upon violence, obscene content and other undesirable content focus is put on the positive side, video games can be a very good learning tool in many scenarios.


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