Video Games and Students' Learning Research Paper

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Educators should endeavor to explore the prospects of selecting in the intrinsic motivational aspect of video games in support of the content learning within the formal learning environments. Recent studies have conducted several investigations on the implementation of both commercial and educational video games into junior, middle and secondary schools (Bourgonjon et. al., 2013). These studies report to a significant percentage the positive impacts of the video game learning strategy among students. Academics and educators should thereby consider video games as operative translations of various contemporary theories of learning. In clear terms, for academics and educators, the incorporation of the video games into educational curricula should be viewed as a strategy for fostering learning opportunities.


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Gonzales, J., Pomares, H., Damas, M., Garcia-Sanchez, P. Rodriguez-Alvarez, M. & Palomares, J.M. (2013). The use of video-gaming devices as a motivation for learning embedded systems programming. IEEE Transactions on Education, 56(2),


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Video Games and Students' Learning Assignment

Panoutsopoulos, H.&Sampson, D.G. (2012).A study…
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