Video Observation of Young Movie Review

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Video Observation of Young Children

The video observation regarding infants -- newborns who were less than two years old, for the most part -- was very revealing about the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children. From a social and emotional perspective it was very interesting to see that each of the infants cried after their mothers left, a fact which reveals the degree of attachment that newborns have for familiar people and surroundings. Crying was the principle form of the rudimentary beginnings of language, which demonstrated the early stage of cognitive development of these children. Layla's actions were perhaps most revealing of all the children. She demonstrated her fledgling motor skills when she attempted to push and play with a blue ball. Similarly, she evinced a development that overlapped domains when she chose to stop crying and explore her surroundings. Such exploration is demonstrative of physical, social, and cognitive skills, which is essentially a universal tendency that all infants have at some point. It was interesting that it was the crying of another infant, which is an attempt towards language, which distracted Layla and spurred her exploration.

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The segment in which toddlers were depicted was also fairly revealing of the various stages of development through which children go. One of the key facets of this segment that was indicative of universality was Santiago's affinity for music which he created by playing with a shaker; the fact that another child stopped to listen and watch him proves how widespread music is. Santiago's music-making is also an example of the interplay of domains since it involved cognition and the motor skills or physical development required to "play" his "instrument." Socially, it was fascinating to see the two toddlers hit one another and for the child who was hit to in turn hit another child. It was also compelling to see the children readily talking, although it was not always possible to understand them, which implies that they are still developing in this area of cognition.

Movie Review on Video Observation of Young Assignment

The part of the video that is primarily about preschoolers is important because "one third of children are under 5… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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