Views on the Compromise of 1850 Essay

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While at the same time, he is saying that slavery is moral and has existed throughout human history. ("John Calhoun," 1850)

Daniel Webster created a compromise. Basically, he gave both sides something and asked them to bend on their position. In this case, he felt that California should be admitted to the Union as a free state. While new territories (such as: New Mexico and Utah) will not be considered to support or go directly against slavery. At the same time, he created the Fugitive Slave Law. This meant that runaway slaves could be captured anywhere in country and returned to slavery by bounty hunters. ("Daniel Webster," 1850)

In this case, Webster is trying to appease both sides. This occurs by not taking a position on slavery. Instead, it is an extension of the status quo. The results are that, the issue of slavery is pushed down the road, with no real solution being introduced. Once this happened, is the point both sides felt as if they gained something. Yet, it increased the overall amounts of anger and animosity by giving up something in return. ("Daniel Webster," 1850)

Which argument do you find the most compelling? Why

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The arguments that are the most compelling are those presented by Seward and Webster. Seward had an impact on these views, by illustrating how these practices are immoral and should be dealt with through federal legislation. While Webster, was not entirely opposed to either side. Instead, he was more concerned about avoiding kind of civil war. The way that this was achieved was to offer some form of appeasement. In this case, Webster's solution did not solve the problem and it only prevented the inevitable for ten years. This is when the nation became gripped by the issues of slavery and states' rights. Once this happened, is the point the country would be forced into a bloody conflict to settle these problems for good.


Daniel Webster. (1850).

TOPIC: Essay on Views on the Compromise of 1850 Assignment


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