Violence Against Women Essay

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There are many non-profit organizations that are working within the country for the rights of the Aboriginal women. The government is being called upon to intervene in the private sphere where these women are being victimized as much as they are being victimized in the public. Till now, there are no significant steps that have been taken by the government of Canada to help the Aboriginal women combat the challenges that they are faced with.


In this part of the paper, we shall focus on the question on which this paper has been based. Women have always been looked upon, since the beginning of times and irrespective of the location. However, many countries of the world have been successful in overcoming this grave issue of the society and the women have been giving the same status as their male counterparts, but there are yet some areas of the world where women are still being treated as objects and animals just because they are women. It would not be wrong to say that gender discrimination is the main cause of all the violence that women today and have always been subjected to (Maffly, 2009).


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TOPIC: Essay on Violence Against Women Since the Assignment

Statistics Canada. (2006). Measuring Violence against Women: Statistical trends… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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