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The editors of an anti-violence Web site note, "61% of children's television programs contain violence and only 4% have an anti-violence theme. In programs with violence only 16% showed long-term consequences, 45% of the offenders went unpunished" (Editors, 2009). Children and teens often do not understand the real consequences of violence because of these types of shows, and so they are more prone to become violent because they do not understand the realities of violence on others.

Many parents do not monitor their children's activity viewing violent media, and they may not understand just how violent video games, television, and films can be. Children look up to their heroes as role models, and if their heroes are violent, they may emulate their actions, not understanding what happens with violent behavior in the real world. As films continue to become more violent, this behavior will certainly increase, and future generations could become increasingly violent if this trend toward violence is not checked. Parents need to be more pro-active when it comes to their children's media, and they need to monitor what they do at home, and when they are playing with other children, to make sure they are not playing with violent video games or other media.

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In conclusion, violence in the media does cause violence in children and teens, as many studies have indicated. Our society is a violent society, and it is becoming increasingly violent in the media. Children do not understand the consequences of real violence, and so, they should be monitors and parents should limit the violence their children are exposed to.


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Term Paper on Violence in the Media Can Assignment

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