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[. . .] By examining these nuances over time, as outlined above, the impressions that can be taken from this journal is one of a scholarly literary form. This journal and the articles in it do meet its goals in being a medium where the "exchange of information on this subject (interpersonal violence and victimization) across professional disciplines" (Springer Publishing, 2011). The myriad of articles that the scholars address, as well as the plethora of issues that are brought up in each article help readers in the field learn as much as possible about specifics as well as general problems that face the treating of these individuals. These articles are important to those involved in the field and especially that of criminal justice, as all of the articles discuss in some way, shape or form, the nature of the relationship between violence and its victims.

The journal by discussing so many different topics and so many different situations as the ability to come across to its readers in a way that many other journals cannot- all of these specifics can help contribute to a larger picture that may be more applicable in other cases. For instance, there is an article that explores the relationship between intimate partner violence and Hurricane Katrina, and though someone in the criminal justice field may not specifically deal with an individual who endures those exact circumstances, certain ideas and concepts can be extrapolated from the articled and then applied in situations.

This journal absolutely communicates the knowledge that it is committed to communicate through its articles- the topics and the way things are written are fascinating to read through as they provide a lot of insight into a part of our society.

Through exploring these issues of "Violence and Victims" over time, there was a lot of information that I was able to take away from it. When exploring the issues, there were several things that I noted and through these small nuances that ultimately made up the journal, I was able to draw conclusions about the journal and how important and relevant it would be to the criminal justice field. When taking notes about the tone of the articles or who the articles were geared towards, it helped me build a comprehensive picture of what the article was actually trying to say and what messages it trying to communicate towards the reader, in this case myself. By exploring how the writers of the articles wrote about their topics and how the readers were evoked in such articles, it helped build towards the goal of communicating the exchange of information about interpersonal violence and victimization.

By exploring the issue of violence and victimization through these articles in the journal, there was a lot of to be learned about the field. It is the people that are actually faced with the situations of treating victims of violence that are society's true teachers- it is not something that can be simply learned but the individuals that have the real insight in it are the people that practice. A forum like this and having an outlet that explores the specifics of their daily research and practice, is extremely helpful to those that wish to learn about or simply take details out of the articles and apply it to their own professional situation. It was particularly challenging to decipher the main messages of the articles since they were written at a more doctoral level and some of the language and main messages were difficult to navigate. If I did this project over, I would definitely change the amount of time that I allotted to reviewing each issue of the journal- the articles were complicated in nature and I found myself researching some of the terms and concepts that they authors were talking about. If I had allotted more time on a daily basis to reviewing the issues, it would have been a less daunting task. Though, it was rewarding being able to finally put together the main messages that the authors were trying to communicate- especially since I am not their peer, so I was quite pleased when I was able to successfully research and ultimately understand the article.


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