Violence in the Workplace and Gun Ownership Research Paper

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Involvement of State Legislatures

The federal and state laws protect the right to firearm ownership (Kalesan et al., 2016). However, there is a very thin line regarding whether State Legislatures have any role to play in private business owners’ activities and the possibility of then infringing on their rights. The topic has so many grey areas particularly because a section of the population believe that the Legislature has no business telling business owners what they should or should not do on their property (Kimberly, 2016). Ideally, the decision should be left to the business owners’ judgment because they understand their workforce. They are in a better position to understand who has a valid security concern and who may have a hunting adventure right after work and may need to bring their firearms along.

Business owners have a better understanding of the dynamics of the company, and their judgment may be more accurate than what the Legislatures think (Kimberly, 2016). Involving them is more like relinquishing the business owner’s rights to them and may not know how best to handle the situation. If one owns a business, then they can run or ruin it. However, while focused on the business and property rights, business owners should not forget the basis of the debate because the employees’ right regarding gun ownership and the right to self-defense is protected morally and legally.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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When is it Reasonable for Companies to allow Guns to the property?

Research Paper on Violence in the Workplace and Gun Ownership Assignment

It would be entirely superficial for me to disregard companies ever allowing firearms into the properties. I believe that depending on the circumstances presented; employees could be allowed to carry their weapons openly and freely. Some of the obvious options include gun store employees, private security guards, federal flight deck officers, and armored car drivers (Lewis & Zare, 2015).  In this group of individuals, there is no evidence indicating that they have been infringing on anyone rights the nature of their jobs notwithstanding. They have always maintained a safe working environment an indication that the debate towards gun control can end with proper education on the same (Kimberly, 2016). If the person carrying the gun has been determined to be a threat to the society, then the business owners have every right to strip them of the right to gun ownership at the workplace.

Although people may come with all arguments and ideas regarding the expansion of the Second Amendment, the business owners have the power of interpreting the meaning of safe environment and providing it to their employees (Lewis & Zare, 2015).  If the company believes that allowing firearms at the workplace reinforces the security, then it should communicate to the employees its position regarding gun ownership and as well as the company’s gun policy.

The Property Rights Versus Gun Rights conversations are on the rage in the United States since they primarily conflict with one another and leave numerous grey areas. While it is both morally and legally inappropriate to dictate to a person with a permit of gun ownership when to have the gun, property owners also are constitutionally protected to dictate what should be done or found on their properties. Therefore, both employees and employers have a significant role to play in ensuring that they attain a common ground regarding how far they can go to ensure a safe working environment. Employers should protect the employees’ rights to self-defense and allow them to carry their guns but only after providing proper documentation and respecting the firearms regulations as provided by the company.


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Kimberly, L. A. (2016). A Multiple Case Study to Examine Workplace Violence Victims\' Perceptions of Weapons… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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