Violent Crimes Criminology Crime Analysis Discussion Chapter

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Criminologists also interview any surviving victims of the criminal, as well as close friends, family members, and any relevant associates of the murderers. This gives the profile and the interview of the criminal itself a context within which to understand, interpret, and predict the criminal's behaviors.

In addition to interviewing murderers and persons in their lives, criminologists would analyze the scene of the violent crime itself. There are many roles in crime scene investigation. The crime scene tells the criminologists the circumstances under which the crime was committed. The crime scene tells the criminologist what materials were used to commit the crime. The crime scene also provides insight into the mindset of the criminal. Whether the crime scene is left in disarray or whether the crime scene was left immaculate can be details that are exceptionally revealing about the criminal. These kinds of details give the criminologists the information necessary to prevent the next crime, arrest the criminal, and influence policy related to that specific violent crime such as the classification of the crime or the penalties for committing the crime.

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Criminology utilizes various methods to understand and prevent violent crimes such as murder. Analyzing violent crimes is integral to the science of Criminology. The analysis of violent crimes is insightful to learning about the criminal (past and present) and learning about the crime, whether the crime is isolated or one of a series of crimes. The analysis of violent crimes such as murders assists criminologists in their pursuit of the criminal and in enacting the rightful punishment for the crime. The analysis of violent crimes can furthermore influence legislation regarding the classification and/or penalty for that specific crime. Crime analysis, in this case, of the violent crime of murder, serves many functions to criminologists and to the public at large, as criminologists are a type of public servant.


TOPIC: Discussion Chapter on Violent Crimes Criminology Crime Analysis Assignment

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Criminology Crime Analysis Discussion Chapter

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