VIP Protection Services Essay

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It is the referent qualities that enable him to become a good leader. A good leader not only has power but also other attractive qualities that the people are drawn to and which make them want to follow him. Some of these qualities are mentioned below:

Knowing your limitations:

I, very firmly believe in the fact that in order to be an effective PSA you need to know your own strengths and weaknesses as, this enables you to realize when there is a need for team work and when you can handle the tasks by yourself. In my experience advice from the subordinates is usually shunned by those PSA's who are ashamed of their limitations. However, this kind of attitude can prove to be very unfruitful and can affect the productivity of the team. Whenever an effective PSA sees that there is some area where he lacks he tries to make up for it by gathering information regarding that area by involving his team members and getting help from them. The characteristics that are possessed by a self-actualized PSA are invaluable to a company. These PSAs are aware of the fact that their ideas and principals can be different from the ideas and believes of the people that they lead. However, they don't get offended by this difference of opinion; rather they try to find healthy solutions for it. Hence, in my opinion it is very important for a PSA to be honest not only with himself but his team and clients as well if he wants to be a successful leader


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Generally speaking I think that honesty and integrity are two such qualities that are present in an effective PSA. Honesty is the key that can make the relationship between the team and his PSA really strong. People need to believe that their leader is honest and truthful and only then are they ready to follow him. A PSA can never afford to be dishonest or have dishonesty in his team as this will not only cause problems for the PSA leader himself but the team and clients will suffer as well.


Essay on VIP Protection Services Assignment

Strength and courage of character are the two basic things that are required for a person to be PSA. I believe that courageous PSA is the one who in time of need is willing to risk his own life in order to make sure that his client is safe. The PSA also should have accommodating attitude towards change so that they can handle various situations in effective manner. A good PSA leader should have the ability to understand the client and act in a manner that ensures the fulfillment of goals rather than in a way that seems easier.

Physical Condition:

Being physically fit is of utmost importance for a security officer. The reason behind this is the fact that we can never expect a fat or overweight person to be as sharp and active as the one who seems physically fit. Therefore, being physically fit not only increases the chances of the officers to be hired but it is a fact that a physically fit and active person is a lot quicker on the feet and this is a great advantage especially in times of emergencies or threats to the clients. For these reasons it is very important for the PSAs to maintain their physical fitness by doing regular exercise and taking care of their health as, they are responsible for not only their life but the lives of their clients as well.

Bottom 5 choices

Team Players:

The qualities that are found in good team players are a lot more similar to the ones found in the leaders who have good supervisory and management qualities. For example good team players have to be motivating for their team members, they need to have qualities that would make the people want to follow them and another significant quality that is found in good team players is that they not only try to maintain the smooth functioning of their team but they also want to keep the upper level management satisfied with the work being done by the team. Therefore, there is no point in keeping too many values/requirements as this can lead to confusion.

Mental Agility:

Mental agility and physical fitness goes hand in hand. A physically fit person has better mental abilities as; he is able to make better decisions. Similarly, mental agility has a positive impact on the physical health as well since when a person is mentally fit and fresh he is going to feel physically well too. Therefore, for an effective and successful PSA physical as well as mental fitness is very important. One cannot be physically fit and mentally unfit. Similarly, one cannot be mentally fit and physically unfit; the two are synonymous and they complement each other fairly well. Therefore, there is no point in keeping too many values/requirements as this can lead to confusion.


Knowledge in my opinion has many characteristics that are similar to knowing your limitations as, it is only when we know the things that we are good at and the things that we need to work on that we can device successful plans. For example knowing when there is a need to take help from the team and when the PSA can perform the task himself can help him in saving a lot of time and increase his chances of achieving the intended goals. Therefore, once again, there is no point in keeping too many values/requirements as this can lead to confusion.


Loyalty is a lot more similar to honesty as people who are only going to be loyal with their protectee as well as their security team cannot do so without being honest with them. No one is willing to trust a person who is known to be dishonest. Therefore, in order for a PSA leader to be successful in motivating the people he should be honest to them as this will helps him in getting their loyalty, which has already been discussed above. Therefore, in light of the aforementioned argument, there is no point in keeping too many values/requirements as this can lead to confusion. Loyalty is therefore, in the bottom five.

Personal characteristics:

There are a lot of similarities between these two requirements; character and personal characteristics. Both play very important roles in the success of a PSA leader and both need individuals to be observant and active. Therefore, once again, in light of the aforementioned arguments, personal characteristic is kept at the bottom as there is no point in keeping too many values/requirements, which could lead to confusion.

Section 3: Personal Reflection

Intrapersonal skills:

PSAs, who have a relatively superior level of emotional intelligence have the ability to organize relationships more successfully, by implementing a strategy which may match the psychological and mental demands of all parties. If a PSA leader is lacking in a self-awareness of his emotional behavior as well as an incapacity to handle these emotions conflicts will most likely crop up. Therefore, an emotionally intelligent PSA can have exceptional conflict resolution abilities and interact in increased collaboration to produce new methods that gratify each of the parties concerned. Intra-personal skills undoubtedly are a crucial facet of emotional intelligence, related to one's capability to resolve issues devoid of undermining his own team, to avoid damaging emotions suppressing cooperation as well as to manage efficiently conflict with courtesy and diplomacy. PSAs who make use of their own personal emotional expertise are capable of supporting their security team to enhance their solving problems capabilities. A teammate's conception of his security head is dependent upon factors like his interaction skills, conscientiousness inside the work environment and social abilities. From my experience PSAs who are unable to control their own emotions, goals and aims cannot control the behavior of those around them. Therefore before mastering interpersonal skills one has to master intrapersonal skills; before controlling and directing the thinking of others, one has to control and direct his own thinking. Intrapersonal skills lie at the top of all other cognitive and mental skill-sets.

Interpersonal skills:

To accomplish a simple yet effective relationship with clients, there can be specific inter-personal expertise that needs to be acquired. A PSA should be sincere, reliable, understanding, reputable, self-confident, and possess very good self-awareness. A security professional ought to constantly think about his relationships with his client to enable them to comprehend their weaknesses and strengths when delivering security to the VIP client. Admiration for the self-esteem and also worth of the prospect is vital for this relationship to achieve success. A PSA should have admiration for his client's culture as well as philosophy. Obtaining respect can make the client feel valuable, looked after, as well as secured. Respect carries a constructive influence on the way the client conforms with the PSA. The PSA-client connection is different from other social relationships in a manner that the requirement… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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