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Article Review on Vision of Change Assignment

This is no informative article. This is a persuasive piece on 'Chicago's Public Housing" (CHA), the history of their developments, the successes that they've achieved since then, and their objective for the future. As the timeline on p.31 shows, CHA, at the time of writing, is in the fifth year of its Plan for Transformation. Presumably, much of the public, including several readers of this journal, might perceive CHA's ongoing construction activities as technically disturbing to their life (in terms of snarling road traffic and causing them similar time-related difficulties). Investors or owners of these public housing developments, as involved parties, would, likewise, need to be informed about reasons for this transformation, and persuaded into accepting it. CHA, in this article, consequently explains its need for construction, by detailing its history and the history of some of these developments, elaborating on its successful projects through examples, and plotting out its immediate and long-term plan. In persuasive manner, Peterson (2005) uses the term 'we', also alluding to the public, as means, presumably, of cajoling the reader that his or her understanding would be appreciated. Indeed, as the abstract notes, this is a "massive revitalization" of some of the poorest public housing stock, which "aims to completely transform isolated public housing developments" (30). By transforming developments that were (or still now are) marked by "crime, poverty, and despair into thriving mixed-income neighborhoods" (ibid.), CHA will, simultaneously, raise the value on these developments, attracting new buyers to the market whilst raising the quality of the neighborhood. Terry Peterson, the author, is the Chief Executive Officer of the CHA. Her intent for this ten-year Plan for Transformation, she tells you upfront, is to change the "mindset surrounding public housing." The tone of the article attempts to do this by demonstrating the marked change that many formerly depressing neighborhoods have gone through, and ambitious plans for their revitalization for the coming decade. The project involved "immense participation and coordination among various private and public entities." To that end, Peterson, delineates CHA's origin, its commitments, its present successes, and its plans for the future.

Peterson starts off by describing the need for revitalization: how targeted neighborhoods had decayed introducing sociological problems; how their notoriety had effected Chicago's public housing reputation; and how CHA had fissured under this mismanagement and had had to be restored. Mayor Daley's threefold plan (to overhaul CHA's finances; to upgrade the quality and safety of these depressed neighborhoods and; to integrate public housing into the greater Chicago area) vitiated into CHA's ten-year Plan for Transformation that was approved by the federal government in February 2000.

The Plan incorporates the following commitments:

1. To invest in a $1.5 billion capital… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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