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Vision, mission and strategy statements of any organization must be galvanized around a core set of beliefs regarding the customers and their needs, wants and preferences if it is to be successful. The vision statement defines an organization's identity as it meets the needs of customers and strives to attain its mission. A mission statement defines the overall purpose of the organization including the priorities of product and services strategies in meeting the needs of customers. A mission statement also serves to galvanize internal systems and processes to support overall vision of the company, including references to the core values of the business as well. Both vision and mission have a direct effect on the strategies companies choose to pursue in attaining their objectives. it's critically important for any organization to interweave and integrate these elements in conjunction with continual plans for change management, ensuring the entire organization stays in step with these elements (Stanleigh, 2008).

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While vision statements vary significantly across industries and companies, those from the software industry are the most difficult to define and execute. Strategies are relied on for enabling each aspect of the vision statement to be achieved through the synchronization of efforts across the departments and divisions of the company. Vision and mission statements act as the catalysts of continuing staying vigilant to the need for change, and anchor many of the best practices in change management (Nelissen, 2008). For any organization to stay agile, market focused and growing, it must continually work to create a mission and vision statement as relevant as possible to its customer base and their needs.

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For this example, the vision statement of Cincom Systems is to enable the transformation of complex enterprises through the use of state-of-the-art software solutions. The mission is to deliver up to thirty times the value of the software purchased back to the customer over the lifetime of their engagement. The strategies that Cincom relies on include rapid prototyping development, alliances and program development with other software companies, and a continual technology education programs. All of these are investments in creating a business model capable of attaining the mission and vision statements of the company. When the vision and mission statements of a company align, the potential exists for much higher levels… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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