Vision Statement: Teaching Goals "You Changed Essay

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Vision Statement: Teaching Goals

"You changed my life." As a teacher, some day I hope to get a letter from a former student emblazoned with these words. Teachers can make a measurable and memorable impact upon the lives of others. They interact with children during some of their most vulnerable and formative years. I want to be the kind of teacher who is remembered years afterwards by students as a teacher who made a great impact upon their lives, who made them understand that learning is fun and rewarding, and opened up new possibilities and infused them with hope for their future.

To meet this goal, I want to use creative and innovative techniques in my classroom. I need to use a variety of different techniques that cater to the different learning styles of students, including students who are visual learners, spatial learners, kinesthetic learners, and also students with special needs. I intend to reevaluate my performance in light of my student's achievements, and also learn from my students. I would rather draw upon student's innate interests than simply discipline students. I want to motivate them to work by making them want to try hard. Of course, some discipline is still necessary to instill respect in the hearts of students -- not just for me as a teacher, but also for their fellow pupils.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Vision Statement: Teaching Goals "You Changed My Assignment

Meeting standardized test benchmarks is necessary, however, for a teacher and a school to succeed in the modern educational environment. But although a teacher may not have discretion over state and district benchmarks, she can still use exciting and engaging ways to reinforce basic skills. Using word problems that make use of wizards and witches (if that is the students' main interest); assigning reading comprehension passages that students can relate to; and making the learning process… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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