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However, this portrait in the painting was replaced by the portrait of a woman in the replica that was made in 1771 (Hulsker, 1996).

Van Gogh's work can now be dated accurately since the profiled work has now been proven to be original. It was in the Letter 555 (17 October 1888) that Van Gogh wrote "in order to let you know that I have completed the canvas that represent my bedroom this afternoon I am adding a line" (Vincent Gallery 2012).

Due to all these letter by Van Gogh in which he has mentioned such details most of his work could be dated with a lot of precision.


During Van Gogh's time in Paris it can be seen that his work constitutes of very bright and striking colours. Vincent's Bedroom in Arles also has this same usage of bold and striking colours. During Gogh's Arles and Saint-Remy period it seems like yellow became his favourite colour as he has used it in his work a lot (Vincent Gallery 2012).

Van Gogh's work especially the one that he has done in the latter half of his career shows the use of unique perspective. Even in his painting of the bedroom all the objects seem to be pointing towards the viewer; this is one of the factors that make his painting so easily recognizable. Van Gogh started rebelling against the muted and dull colours used by the Dutch artists at the time with the use of bold and bright colours in his work (The Seated Zouave and The Night Cafe in the Place Lamartine in Arles, can be seen for example) (Vincent Gallery 2012).

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There is another interesting perspective present about the Van Gogh's work. According to Ronald Pickvance, Van Gogh's work shows a more realistic approach. According to Pickvance in his book Van Gogh in Arles, the shape of Van Gogh's room was quite different because of which he had to draw it in the way he did. Therefore, it was not his artistic perspective rather the actual appearance of the room which made him draw the painting like he did. The actual shape of Gogh's room can be seen in the diagram when it is held at a particular angle (Pickvance, 1984).

Other versions

Term Paper on Visual Art Vincent Van Gogh Assignment

As it has been mentioned above that there are five versions of Van Gogh's bedroom in Arles, from among these three are oil on canvas and two are letter sketches. At the time when Gogh was in the asylum under voluntary confinement two copies of the painting were made. Later on, Gogh himself made a lot of copies during his early days in the asylum. It was his way of showing his lonely life that he was leading in the asylum. This has also been told by him to his friends in Arles as well (Vincent Gallery 2012).

There are many people who believed that in the original painting Van Gogh has expressed his dreams and wishes. Gogh wanted to build a community for the artists in France where they can get inspirations from each other's work. This can be seen in his original painting when he rented the Yellow House and drew the bedroom which shows domesticity in the ideas possessed by Gogh (in his Letter B22 Van Gogh himself has mentioned that the painting shows and depicts "absolute restfulness"). Later on the two Saint-Remy copies made by Gogh in the asylum are seen as the representative of all that has been lost by Gogh (Vincent Gallery 2012).


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