Vitamin E Prostate Cancer Term Paper

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¶ … Vitamin E can be useful in dealing with Prostate Cancer. Before we enter into an understanding about this, we shall first of all briefly tend to know as to what is meant by Prostate cancer as well as about Vitamin E

The prostate cancer is the second commonest form of cancer in men after skin cancer. Prostate cancer could be considered as an abnormal growth of cells which is uncontrollable and which leads to the creation of a tumor found in the prostate gland. Prostate which is the walnut sized gland, is considered to be a part of the reproductive system and it is found deep in the pelvis. It is found just in front of the rectum and below the urinary bladder around the urethra. It has gland cells that create certain seminal fluid, which safeguards and nourishes the sperm cells which are found in the semen and provides a support to the ejaculatory ducts or that of the sperm tubes. The prostate tends to progress till a man attains adulthood and is maintained thereafter it attains the normal size which would be similar of the length of the male hormones are produced. And prostate cancer is the most common of the cancer found in men who are above the age of 50. (Health-Prostate Cancer)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Vitamin E Prostate Cancer Assignment

Prostate cancer is most commonly carried by the victims without the knowledge that they have the disease. It is mostly detected by autopsy or sometimes discovered incidentally. When the tumor cannot be obviously found, then these kind of hidden tumors have a possibility of becoming serious. This is where vitamin E comes into the picture and proves to be a factor. (Study Vitamin E reduces prostate cancer risk, deaths) Vitamin E is defined as a fat-soluble vitamin which prevails in 8 varied forms. Each form tends to have its own unique biological activity and this could be considered as the measure of potency or with regard to its functional use within the body. The most active form of vitamin E which is found in human beings is that of Alpha-tocopherol or ?-tocopherol, which is also considered to be a powerful biological antioxidant. (Vitamin E: Office of Dietary Supplements)

Now we shall start off our discussion as to whether Vitamin E can be useful in fighting against Prostate cancer. Cell studies points out the importance of vitamin E in prostate cancer. In a study comprising of thousands of smokers it was found that by giving daily doses of Vitamin E, there was a drastic reduction of prostate cancer risk by a third and the death rate due to the prostate cancer was also reduced to 41%. There are many possibilities which could be said that vitamin E plays a vital role in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. One of them is where vitamin E affects all the cell membranes and will reduce the reproduction of cells. Vitamin E would also help in stimulating the immune system and also help in altering the sex hormones. There is also another advantage of vitamin E; it is the role that it has in cell death as well as in the maturation of cells. Further it also safeguards the path that allow for getting rid of the body of toxins (Study Vitamin E reduces prostate cancer risk, deaths)

There are increasingly promising results available from the successful treatment of prostate cancer by means of Vitamin E The main vitamin E components which are alpha- and gamma-tocopherol which contain high blood levels play an important part in the reduction of risk of prostate cancer by about 50% each. Because prostate cancer is caused due to oxidative stress it is the belief that vitamin E's antioxidant property is the cause for its role in the reduction of prostate cancer. It is also the alpha-tocopherol which has the non-antioxidant properties which improves the immune response. (Vitamin E found to cut prostate cancer risk in half).

Vitamin E as the key vitamin to reduce the risk of prostate cancer is found to interfere with two proteins which play an important part in the growth of the disease. This is reported by scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the May 28, 2002 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Vitamin E is a very commonly known anti-oxidant which destroys all molecules that are harmful known as free radicals; some scientists have put forward the findings that such a vitamin would be a best way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer (Vitamin E makes prostate cancer cells vulnerable) It has been found that men with a greater level of the alpha-tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, were 53% less likely to be prone to the prostate cancer. It is advised by researchers that the best way of consuming vitamin E is from fresh foods than from supplements. The researchers on analyzing the two main forms of vitamin E, which is alpha and gamma-tocopherol found that men having the highest natural levels of alpha tocopherol were 53% less probable to later have prostate cancer. Further men having the highest levels of gamma tocopherol, which is a major component containing vitamin E in the U.S. diet, was shown to have a 39% lower chance to have prostate cancer. (Vitamin fights prostate cancer)

In another study containing 10,456 men, there was a notable decline in the occurrence of prostate cancer with an increase in the concentrations of alpha-tocopherol. In the case of gamma-tocopherol, men in the highest fifth of the distribution had a reduction in the risk of prostate cancer than those in the lowest fifth. Selenium levels and prostate cancer in the case of the top four-fifths of the distribution of individuals were in the protective direction. This was done comparing with the individuals in the bottom fifth of the distribution channel. Statistically this is spoken of as the highest levels of selenium and alpha-tocopherol and its significant protective associations were monitored when gamma-tocopherol concentrations were relatively very great in number. Thus this could prove as to that vitamin E plays a vital role in reducing the risk of prostate cancer (Lieberman; Bruning, 297)

Another study conducted at the University of Texas analyzed the effect of Vitamin E on prostate cancer. The researchers in their study of 1000 patients enquired about their food consumptions patterns and figured about the amount of the two kinds of vitamin E which where obtained from their main diets and also from the supplements. It was then concluded by the researchers that those who had a higher intake of alpha-tocopherol from their diet had about 42% reduced chances of being affected by prostate cancer and it was also found that those who eat vitamin E rich diet along with the supplements had a 44% lower risk (Vitamin fights prostate cancer)

In yet another study conducted by the researchers of the University of Rochester in New York have found that by adding vitamin E to prostate cancer cells holds down or reduces the production of receptor for testosterone, called the androgen receptor -- AR, which is the main cause for the prostate cancer to develop or grow. The lesser the ARs within the prostate cancer cells, the lesser the chances of activating the balance ARs that stimulate the growth of the cancer. Hence this can be unified with other AR inhibiting techniques in order to avoid the AR activity within the prostate cancer cells. (How you can beat prostate and breast cancer nutritionally)

Recently in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, it was found that the vitamin E supplementation largely lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Ollie P. Heinonen, M.D., D.Sc. And his colleagues at the University of Helsinki studied the health of 29,000 men for six years. It was found that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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